Wednesday, November 04, 2009

3.1.1 @ 4.11.09

What's that about? Well, today's the first day back in college after 2 months of break and boy have things changed... However, no matter how much had changed with the college, I still dislike it. The feeling of despise towards the college will never fade away, unless I'm out of the place.

I'm in my 3rd and final year now.
It's my 1st semester, and
I have my 1st assignment
due by Monday!
WTF right?!

That's not all... Let me share with you a few other stuffs:

1. Over time, there are more students as time passed. But there are lesser and lesser parking lot too. Not only that, the college suggested us to buy the seasonal/monthly parking tickets which are more expensive than the normal tickets collected over the month.

2. The college suggested that we parked at a parking lot somewhat 5 minutes away from campus, and take a shuttle back to college. I believe that is not the reason why we opt to drive in the first place.

3. The presentation slides (introduction of the college) were so fake because pictures were so old (not updated) when everything looked nice, moreover when they emphasized formality, the pictures did not show that? Many of us believe that it was a rather waste of our resources to have someone make the college look nice on the outside, but not that good looking on the inside.

4. If you don't know, the college is divided into two syllabus, one from UK and the other is local (I can't tell out the names, due to certain reasons). Now what's the difference? According to the college, there's very little. Honestly, from a personal point of view (including my friends), there's a HUGE difference. First and foremost, (I compared one of the UK syllabus-based course) there's no exams for the course following the UK syllabus, where as we on the local syllabus have 9 exams awaiting us at the end of the day. Secondly, there are lesser subjects with the UK-based compared to the local one (damn, so unfair *sigh*)...

5. Last but not least, today's briefing was absolutely boring. I tell ya, I bet a fish would yawn if it's in the class. Luckily in the midst of boredom, there was an "entertainer". I still remember one statement from him, "You cannot see those who are not here". Doesn't make sense right? Exactly my point.


  1. hehe welcome back to college.. better enjoy ur uni life while u can since it's the final year!!!!

  2. @WenPink:
    noooo.. i hate my uni life.. =( the only fun times are the breaks.. the rest is pure pressure and stress.. >.<