Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Launch of My Photoblog

Yes, you've heard it right! Jeffro just opened his new photoblog... A simple site, where I place my collection of pictures and works in a place... And it's non personal at all... Basically had the idea, to ease out those who only wanted to go through the pictures without the need to read the words... =)

Do take your time and go through the photoblog.
Feel free to leave a comment or critique =)


  1. I cant comment on the photo blog cos I cant seem to scroll down to see the word verification thingy.

    Was wondering if "Joseph the overcomer" production is on DVD?

  2. @Stephen:
    Hmmm.. i havent' seen that problem yet.. No worries will check on it again..

    You can leave comments under "Name/URL" selection.. it's alright with me too.. :)

    Hmmm.. not too sure on that.. Why not you leave me your details, I'll help you check on it? I'll let you know whether or not they put it on DVD...

    Thanks pal! Will definitely do better.. =D

  3. @Curryegg:
    hehe.. yeah.. been working on it for more than a week now..

  4. now I stay in touch..

  5. @Anonymous:
    oh okies.. thank you ya.. =)