Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Pleasant" Surprise in Class

What a day it has been... After lunch hours, my usual case in college is that I become sleepy... I would fall asleep in any class despite it being interesting. This is how my study life has been since the beginning of time for me. I know it's pathetic, I can't help it. Honestly nothing could keep me up in class after lunch hours. So what's the surprise I got?

I fell asleep in class... The next thing when I woke up...
Not only was I elected as class rep, but I BECAME the CLASS REP!

Now how "cool" is that? Practically the whole class nominated me, and there was no other selections. Yes, WTF people, WTF... I'm so vulnerable that people set me up during my weakness time (when I'm asleep). Somewhat that sounds wrong, as if I was sleep assaulted (=.=")

I wonder what else awaits me today... *sigh*
I "can't wait for my next surprise"


  1. haha..."congratulation" bro upon the nomination :P:P

  2. @Xiang:
    Like shyt only... I am pranked by the entire class.. =.="