Monday, November 09, 2009

Windows 7 Launch In Malaysia

I attended the official launching of Windows 7 exactly a week ago, thanks to Shaz for the opportunity. I represented him, because he had to attend a course. It was a grand opening held in Plaza Low Yat, where representatives from Microsoft, Low Yat, NCMB (National Council for the Blind, Malaysia) and their collaborating partners, Intel, Acer, Dell, HP, AMD and so on. All of them had great vision of what's to come of Windows 7. Without further or delay, let me show you how the event went.

But first of all, allow me to briefly talk about Windows 7

The display products (front to back)
Windows 7 Ultimate
Windows 7 Home Premium
Windows Professional

What are the great features of Window 7?
  • Jump list
  • Aero Shake and Aero Peek
  • Snap
  • Longer Battery Life
  • Faster Start Up and Shut Down
  • Windows Taskbar Preview
  • Personalise Your Desktop
Minimum requirements for Windows 7?
  • 1GHz or faster 32-bit (x86) ot 64-bit (x64) processor
  • 1GB RAM (32-bit) or 2GB RAM (64-bit)
  • 16GB available HDD space (32-bit) or 20GB (64-bit)
  • DirectX 9 graphic device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver

I was there early, I saw lotsa people in '7'
it's Windows 7 t-shirts!

A view of the staff who had to be there earlier than me
because they needed to be briefed.

The entrance of the event, if you were there...
It'd be impossible to miss it!

[left] Around the corner, there was a demonstration of the latest graphic card
released by AMD, the ATi Radeon 5000 series... with the capability
to produce superb gaming view and feel, and the ability to support up to 6 monitors, only with the help of Windows 7
(other operating system have not been designed to do so, yet)

[right] There was a live twitter update shown on the display screen of
a 42" LCD monitor throughout the event...

As media, we had to sign up and register...
We will get something special for that... =)

Let's take a look at the schedule, shall we?

I was given this, Cool!

These are some of the representatives at the front row

Then it was time for Moses to kick off the events
with an introduction of the Windows 7...

Here's Ms. Yasmin Mahmood (left) and Mr. Yasir Yousuff (right)
doing their speech and a quick & easy demo to the crowd...

A short demo was shown on screen... Looks really cool on that!
[left] The live view of Windows 7 on screen... with some effects shown!

[right] That is a application supposedly to be pre-installed along
with Windows 7, called Virtual Earth - giving you a 3D view of a location

The crowd was definitely pleased with the presentation

[left] A crew member came up to show how easy it is to navigate the Virtual Earth on touch screen which is supported with Windows 7

[right] Mr Moses Choo of NCBM sharing his opinions on Windows 7

Then it was time to officiate the launching of Windows 7!

And now it's official!
Next would be the picture of all collaborating partners with Microsoft...

Microsoft's Representatives with their products

After that, I spotted ThomasYap giving his testimony on Windows 7

Yes that was given to us media people...
A Windows 7 cupcake which taste as good as it looks! =D

The good looking ladies who were promoting the products

Me with Jia Hau (left) and Jensen (right)

Me with Pearlyn (left) and SiewMei (right)

And yes, ladies and gentlemen...
That is Shaz in the background, and this is what the media
registered for... for an original copy of Windows 7 Ultimate

Alright, that's all on the Windows 7 Launching...


  1. original windows 7 ultimate?? I wan it!!! Currently i using windows 7 RC1. Haha. Need the fully released version instead of RC1

  2. @Vkvun:
    awesome man! =D i've used it... was great.. =D visit lowyat to check out for discounts and price updates on the versions if you're getting the original ones

  3. I know it is awesome with Wins 7. but due to budjet, will not consider getting it. haha. maybe will look at pasar malam version. :)

  4. Cool! Get to visit the Window 7 launch! ;) Dint get any special offer? :D

  5. @vkvun:
    Haha.. yeah.. it's a lil expensive, as all the versions of Windows are..
    *coughs* yes you can *coughs* (it's the same only xD)

    haha.. got special offer, but sudah lepas ady.. was on the 7th of november at 7pm, where the discounts for each of them at 30%...

  6. *ahem* well, u can borrow me ur copy of windows 7 ultimate. haha. anyway, no differences for me since i cant use the aero function with my current graphc card. very sad.

    Joshua, he already got a free ori win 7 disc

  7. @vkvun:
    haha.. honestly that windows 7 wasn't mine to begin with, i represented someone.. So the disc technically wasn't mine.. I have my own version of ultimate though.. =)

    awwwhh, well save up for a new graphic card, then you can put in this sweet OS.. =D

  8. unfortunately, i'm using a laptop. so cannot upgrade the graphic card. haha

  9. @vkvun:
    ohh.. aiseh... then u'll have to wait till u get a new laptop or desktop.. dun worry, hang on there pal... i know it feels like.. my old laptop could only power up a XP at most.. =(

  10. Lucky for me, i can power a wins 7 without the aero part.haha. but i already satisfy with loading speed. however, i cannot download d coz i using webthunder. need IE7 n lower

  11. @Vkvun:
    hahaha... good experience the power of Win7.. xD I dun particularly like the aero design.. I normally turn it off, so that I have better performance =)

    get a copy from the night market.. it should alright.. =)