Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Prestigious College, My Foot

I woke early because it was officially the first day of college of which my lessons commence. For those who don't know. I started college last week, but it was only for orientation (Gosh I was bored half to death back last week).

However, today was different. For what I thought would be a good day (people told me that 1st days are normally good) turned out to be a bad start off. First off, from last week I noticed that my student tag had expired, and guess what? I just registered! Like 2 weeks before the classes commenced. That's alright, mistakes happen. What ticked me off, was that the fact that the college claims to have one of the best student services, and this is what I get to my face, right smack on the face early in the morning...

I stepped into the admin office early in the morning before my classes kick off. I only saw a lady at her desk doing her make up, and she was the only one around that I could approach (There wasn't even a soul at the receptionist). So I went up to her and politely asked,

"Err, excuse me, I've just registered not long ago, and I noticed my tag had some printing error. The tag seems to have expired. May I know who I could refer to on this matter?"

That was what I wanted to ask, but before finishing my sentence, she rudely interrupt me saying,

"ARE YOU TALKING TO ME? ARE YOU TALKING TO ME? You have to greet me GOOD MORNING before you ask me anything"

Being a courteous student, I had to apologize as I did not want any further misunderstandings (I only wanted to correct my tag error) so I said,

"I'm sorry, Good Morning ma'am. My tag *points to it* seems to have some mistake? To whom may I refer on this..."

Again before I finish my sentence, she interrupted me once again. This time,

"Tag? What tag? That's a student ID... And the person in charge is not around. I'm not responsible on it. You come later and ask again..."

WHAMP! That's what I received straight to my face. Without saying any further I walked out the office, feeling really pissed as that had spoilt my morning. To further make things worse, my timetable is on of the worst I've received so far. Not only it's a dynamic schedule, has been changing since last week, and each change differs a lot from the previous, but it's a straight whack from morning till 6pm evening schedule. C'mon tech stuffs cramming into our small brains throughout the day, we're no robot. Even secondary schoolers have better schedule than we do!

Prestigious?! What say you?

Note: I will not disclose who the lady was, or what college I'm referring to (though some of you may already know about it xD)


  1. Would really want to know which college T_T Cause I just registered for my January intake in one for my degree. T_T

  2. if i were u..i will shout back at her...who the fuck r u to scold the students...

  3. O_O wah. like that also can? greeted her morning then u got that kind of response from her? i feel u jeffro :(


  4. @Chingy:
    *whispers* IT college in Bukit Jalil TPM - very the famous wan..

    I wish... but I cant.. still studying there.. and need to get my TAG done.. =.="

    Yes.. that's why i said, i hate my college.. they're good at deceiving... =(

  5. just tell her U pay for it and that's the admin error. What a damn u telling me so without appologising soon. Give u a chance to appologise to me before I complaint about u!

    Sorry...Xiang is complaint sial king!

  6. Bro...did u manage to see her name??i suggest you report her..or u let me..ill report it to the student coordinator..

    its a bloddy uni-college..that i can't wait to leave..

  7. kill her ony la...
    we're the ones paying her salary
    we have more right to get em sacked

    file complain letter..if nothings done find me =D lol

  8. @Xiang:
    hahaha.. same here.. i complain giler at class... coz i cant do anything, due to packed schedule..

    No idea, but i know her face, her position, her seat.. =P

    muahaha.. which knife do u suggest? seriously I'd kill her if I could..

  9. why don't u confront her? if i were u i would have scolded her as she was the one being rude. after all, she's just a small stupid receptionist, can't really jeopardise ur college life. just the other day i fought with my library admin. cause she was being bitchy and all, kept picking on me and asking me to keep quiet. pfft

  10. @Copykate:
    I cant argue with her.. coz simply I had a request, and knowing that this organization was very united (if one dislike, may end up everyone of them disliking you) hence I may hv problem in getting my problems resolved.. faced that issue sometime back, a simple request will be easily ignored or KIV, rather than considering it at all...