Sunday, November 08, 2009

Dinner @ Xiang's Place

Boy is it good to have a fellow friend who knows how to cook (not saying that I don't, but I haven't cooked in years). Earlier was our lucky night, after having "tea-time" at my mum's church, Alex and I were invited by Xiang for home-cooked dinner at his place - Xiang's Corner (LOL)

Yes people, my dinner was
super nice! makes me wanna eat again!
Cabonara Spaghetti~!
Like honestly, Thanks Xiang for the dinner! =)

That's the salad and I...
I win!

The view from Xiang's place...
Cool eh?
[right] Looks like JS? "Jeffro's Shot!"

And so that's all folks!
Leaving you with a picture of me...
am trying to look like a photographer...
How is it? Nice?


  1. Haha....I'm being promoted again :):)

  2. omg!! i love carbonara!!!

    can give recipe???

  3. @goingkookies:
    Haha.. me too! =D Well they were made by a friend of mine, Xiang.. he's got the recipe for the cabonara, and others too.. Check out his blog - =)