Friday, November 06, 2009

Penang Food-a-thon - Day 3

Oh my god! I've nearly forgotten to continue my write up on the recent Penang Food-a-thon... Dang and it's only about day 3, there's still one more to go after this. Oh by the way, if you're wondering what's it like earlier? No worries, you can check out Day 1 or Day 2 =) Wait no more, here's 3rd day on the go!

Woke up kinda early (about 10 plus, early-lah!) for
Morning breakfast at a stall between
two buildings..
"Roti Bakar Telur"

Then we ordered a plate of kaya-spreaded bread.
Looks normal and common, but it taste good! =D

Walk down the street after breakfast,
Jon and I spotted this!
"WOI got business?!"

Then Shaz asked us to get some early desserts..
Single ice cream at Maxim's! =D
Just RM3.50 per scoop!
"Toblerone Pregellone"

Remember this? Well, we went to it again to cross over
the road... safety first, remember that people...
No jay-walking on the dangerous roads *grins*

We were walking around in search of this!
One of the best Chendul sellers in town~
"Teochew Chendul"

Check out that round sphere!!
How awesome is that?!
"Ice ball"

Guess how much it cost??
It's only RM80 sens!

Here's Shaz holding u up the ice ball!
"Shaz got ball in his hand"

Our bowl of chendul...
Unfortunately mine was too good, I finished it first
before I took the picture.. Fail! sorry...

If you're wondering all those are, this is the place!
It's somewhere near the Chowrasta Market... =)

That's Jon walking down the Chowrasta market
checking out stuffs...
Unfortunately, there was nothing that interest him..
(he was looking for big traveling bag)

Back at the parking lot where our car was,
we saw this young lady, snapping pictures of her own car..
Guess the background of the urban city makes it interesting..

So next stop would be lunch at Kafe Heng Kuat
(can't remember where the exact location,
memory's getting fuzzy already... dang)

See the chef at work?
Also I noticed, that many in the area who cooks the noodles,
the cook using charcoal, with all the ashes of charcoal
flying around me when I was standing near the stall.

We ordered Rojak (left), and somewhat the most expensive Char Kuey Teow (right)
that we've ever eaten from a road-side stall...
"RM8.50 Char Kuey Teow - lotsa prawns"

We had to order drinks, but don't want to pay a fine of 50sens..

After lunch, we were walking around town,
Shaz told us about this lodge...
Apparently its pricing is quite reasonable...
1 room with 3 beds only for RM110 per night...
How about that huh?

Out of the blues, Jon says he'd like to have his hair trimmed..

So we walked in, and I thought he'd probably go bald
crew cut or something.. I took the "Before cut" picture

It was quite a while.. so I snapped a picture of myself *grins*
If you're wondering where's the "After picture"
There's no need for that, cause he looks the same!
but with shorter fringe.. LOL...
[Right] Jon walking proud with shorter hair =D

Next stop was to grab something for high-tea!
Crossed the busy roads to find ourselves so whole lot of coconuts..

So what's the special about the nuts, I mean coconuts?
At Joez Coconut's, the specialty that makes you want to come back for more..
is this authentic Coconut Jelly (right)
which taste absolutely delicious for an affordable price
I think it's below RM3...
Where's the place? Somewhere further up after TimeSquare...
"Joez Coconut - Coconut Jelly"

Not too far from Joez, located this stall that sells apom...
Apom that is not only cheap, but has a really appetizing taste!

It's just a small stall, and check out the equipments!
Old school style, baby!
The uncle says "kupang" rather than "sens"

Check out our Apom Manis Telur Special! =D
"Uber Yummy Apom Manis Telur Special"
We'd like to have more, but the coconut jelly earlier,
was filling too...

Alright, enough of eating for the moment...
Shaz suggested we should at least do some photography session
as it was part of our initial plan...
Headed to Kota Cornwallis for the evening shots!

[Left] Set up the aperture to a high value, and raise the shutter speed
to get the silhouette shot...
"Silhouette Evening"

[Right] A plain shot of the shades with background, but had an addition
of reflection of a person in pose
"1 nice background, 1 shade, 1 person posing"

[Left] There's no addition/editting of colors in the sky, it's really as beautiful
as the time I took this shot...
[Right] Nope I did not edit the picture or the shot, I had my shades to
make this effect!
"Evening scene"

After a while I adjusted the switched to beach mode,
and I got this somewhat normal colors of the evening.

To prove that I'm did not edit the colors of the picture...
I decided to watch how Jon takes the picture... (left)
and from there I saw what he saw through the same viewfinder (right)..
See or not? Haha.. I sound like a kiddo trying to prove nuts,
'cause you'd probably wouldn't buy it at all...
"Seeing what other see"

After a tiring day, we headed back to the hotel with an extra guest.
Who's the guest? Will let you know shortly!
but our guest showed us one of us recent treasures...
It's white, super wide angle lens and has a crab logo!
"The lomo camera!"

What you thought that was it? No way...
Along with our guest, we headed out to Sunset Bistro to meet up
with another bunch of friends... We have a surprise for our guest!
[Right] "Sunset Bistro Lights"

Our guest was Mr Jean Louis!
And guess what people, he's 21!

And that's him! =P
Hehehe.. I'm keeping his identity a secret for now~
[Left] "Facebook, facepalm, NOW FACE-CAKE!"
[Right] "I had an eye for the cake!"


  1. penang food.. wah..
    reminds me of my recent penang trip! =D

  2. pity the birthday boy neh...The lomo rocks!! ur landscape pictures are damn chun!!

  3. @kenwooi:
    hehehe.. yeah! the food haven... the best place to dine! hehehe xD

    haha.. no la he enjoy himself alot! =D hehe.. yeah his lomo can control shutter speed summore! Wootza!

    thanks! hehehe.. am still learning how to do better landscapes.. =D

  4. @Hitomi:
    The lomo cam? About RM300 or so, minus the film...

  5. What a great resource!

  6. @Anonymous:
    Thanks :) Glad you like it