Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mamak Session During Class

Today we had a class solely talking about mamak - and it even includes our previous prime minister, Tun Dr Mahathir because he's a mamak. Yes, we're discussing everything in regards of mamak.

So what is 'mamak'? Mamaks are Indians who adopt Islamic religion. In other words, they're Indian Muslims. Locations where you can easily find them are at the Mamak stalls where people order roti canai, teh tarik and so on.

So what was interesting about today's class? Well it's not the discussion on who or where they come from. Rather it's the expansion and wild imaginations that got us excited and somewhat led us to lots of laughter. Alright so here's a few of our imagination-gone-wild:

"Eh you know, it'd be better off if the mamaks could achieve ISO 9000; they'll be certified in their services and food"

"Ooo, so there's gonna be like certified teh-tarik-er? and roti canai maker?"

"Haha, not to forget, after they get certified, they'll have their advertisements up and running, on delivery services provided in the vicinity"

"Oh Oh, they'll grow bigger, build a site... maybe - the place to be?"

"What? they'll all venture into different fields, maybe even create their own institution... Asian Pacific Institution of Intelligent Mamaks (inside joke!) and when they graduate they'll be Informatic Mamaks! Booyah!"

"And and, they'll even make bigger names in the world say, MakDonaldz having their special Big Makz and Spicy Chicken Makdeluxe! or, or... they'll start off Mamak's Junior... Or Big Mamak selling mamak-style donuts..."

"One day there'll be a movie like Mamak Potter, Mamak and me, the dark Mamak, The revenge of the Mamakz, Fast n Furious 5: Mamak Drift, Mamak Dangerous..."

"They might even start developing applications on PCs to do expand their business - MamakShop CS5, MamakSoft XP Plofessional, or Mamak 7, or the I-Mak..."

"When they grow bigger, they'll have their own papers - Mamak Times... The Mamak... or even have their own buildings as their headquarters or something - The Mamak Square, or Mamak Mall... selling action figures at Mamak'n'us (replacing Toys'r'us)"

"One day they're community will outrule the others, they'll have mamak-nations... calling themselves, mamakians... or mamakese..."

"oh damn, we're so full of shyt! LOL"

"Nooo.. We're bloody creative from the wrong angle only! LOL"


  1. @Kenwooi:
    hahaha.. This kinda mamak session, or the norm ones that you'd be with friends drinking and eating away? xD