Wednesday, November 18, 2009

UCTI's Prom Night @ Crown Plaza Hotel

UCTI Annual Year End Gathering (YEG) aka Prom Night of 2009 was held on the 15th November at the Crown Plaza Hotel. This time around, the theme was Winter Masquerade, where even the setting of the location resembles that of a winter season - cold and bluish environment, with guest dressing up well along with a mask giving a more mysterious feeling of the beholder.

The event crews and performers arrived at the hotel earlier not only to help out with set up, but also to do the final check ups and rehearsal for the evening.

Crews packing up the goodie bags

The table settings

The pre-looks of the inside of the ballroom

Fellow performers doing soundcheck

as well as psyching up (mental warm ups)

Some needed the spiritual peace before doing anything further

While others were helping out to clean up...
Wouldn't like a messy place, do we?

Then, came Mark who briefed all the performers for the last time...

A shot of the banners

The goodie bags

And now it's time for last practice...

and so they went on the stage to calibrate their moves alongside
the area of the stage to ensure everything went well...
Others did their sound check,
while some practice their routine for the last time...

Then it was time to get the make ups on and the attires ready...

This is one of the groups ready in their individual's outfit

Then comes show time! Guests starts arriving, and it builds up a crowd in mere moments. The guests registers themselves, and then awaits patiently for the grand doors to open. What awaits them inside is a thrill only to be discovered when the doors are opened. While waiting the guests had their own chit chat with one another, catching moments together and having themselves their own moments of laughter.

lucky guy with 2 ladies to accompany him for the night...

Bunch of friends new and old gathering up before entering hall...

Guests registering themselves for the night, and
getting themselves goodie bags...

Some of 'em are ready for Winter Masquerade...

When the activities for the night are announced and grand doors are slide opened, the smoke and snow-like flakes were released to welcome the guests to the night's Winter Masquerade.

Guests going into the ballroom

The bluish smoke along with the "snow" flakes were spread all around..

Some cool entrance eh?

For those who were there that night,
you've probably seen this sculpture right outside the ballroom...
It's made of real ice!

Look there's snow!

Ooo look at the lights...

To kick off the eventful night officially, the hosts and hostess reads out welcoming speech to everyone especially the leaders of the UCTI education institution, representatives of APIIT group and the sponsors - Carlo Rino, Fabulous Tea, Borders and MYC. Right after that was the starting performance by the contestants for the Prom King and Queen - ballroom dancing.

The hosts and hostess...

a few of the Prom King & Queen contestants were dancing in couples =)
Spot any cute ones?

Even the VIPs were smiling away...
being happy at the beginning of an event is a good sign...

After the performance, it was time to say "Dinner is served" where 14 different dishes of buffet style awaits the guests. Dinner was accompanied by the smooth strummings and melodious singing by an acoustic group.

Guests queuing up to grab their dinner

The acoustic band

The close ups


Can't miss this, even if it's dinner time!

Love the drinks...
But can't remember what they call them...

The night went on with various performance such as fashion show, dancing, singing, musical performances and talent show. All of them were unique in their ways and were very entertaining. In between the performances, there were short sessions of Q & A for the King&Queen-to-be's. Also there was lucky draw...

the Q&A sessions

Musical Beauty and the Beast

A-crew Break Ballroom Dance


Hip Hop Jazz Dance

Fashion Show

The grease musical

Magic show

"MJ" doing Thriller Dance

And she's the lucky winner for a trip to Langkawi...

Towards the end of the night, the ballroom dance floor was open for a short moment where every one of the guests were invited to dance and join in for the excitement from the beats of the music.

Before the night ended, it was the moment of the truth where the hosts and hostess announced the official Mister and Miss Confidence, Prom Prince and Princess, and Prom King and Queen that was voted by the crowd earlier. A huge and loud applause could be heard from outside the ballroom itself signifying the agreement of the crowd.

Mister and Miss Confidence

Prom Prince (also won the Best Talent award) and Princess

Prom King and Queen of 2009

Current Prom King and Queen (left) with previous King and Queen (right)

The King and Queen dance

Alas, it came to the end of the night, where the dance floor was once again opened to the everyone. Everyone had a great time. One of the guests stated, "This night was truly magical" and another saying, "Everything was beautiful, the people, the performances and the night itself was unbelievable *laughs*"

And folks, that is all from the UCTI's YEG 2009. Jeffro signing off.

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