Sunday, November 01, 2009

Picturize the Magical Halloween

As promised the pictures will be posted up shortly... Before doing so, credits to AlexG for the pictures, the dude who spent an entire day helping out willingly, without any complaints. Thanks man!

Some pretty scary decorations that were put up during the
night of HELP's University's Magical Halloween!

I was playing with the some of the stuffs too

This is Schmae aka the lady in charge, trying her outfit...

Haz trying his outfit too...

that's ZhenWei, and errr.. sorry I forgotten the other two names.. =(

They were playing with stuffs too!
LOL, and you thought I was the kiddy one... =P

More and more people turning into the Halloween characters...

and NOW! let me introduce to you

Haz and I had a stage performers for those who attended
the halloween night...

Though it was a VERY impromptu act,
but we manage to entertain the crowd... =)

Also thanks to our MC =)
he gave a pretty good introduction for us...

Deb (3rd from left) looked good!
even though I was told that was just plain make up
and that her dress was from after class...
Her friends were good too! =)

People posing~

Yes that's Schmae in the go!
Isn't she "drop dead gorgeous" in her Corpse Bride outfit?

Some guys at the haunted house...
Their job is to scare the hell out of you!

Another bunch of interesting people...
Though their intention is to give you a big fright,
yet they're very friendly and nice. LOL

Crowd going into the haunted house... =D
Have fun yo!

I saw this lying somewhere in the haunted house...

And this were the commitee who helped out in
making the night a great one...

That's all I have from the Magical Halloween!


  1. Wheeeee look fun weh!

  2. yea true! Stupid-fye!

  3. @millymin:
    LOL yes.. i said that during the performance.. xD

  4. hahah.. cool Halloween event! my college had the Pussycat Balls invited over for halloween! XD

  5. @Stephy-nie:
    hehehe.. thanks! oh really?? u got picture. let me see them.. =D