Sunday, November 08, 2009

Penang Food-a-thon - Day 4 (last)

Phew I think it's about time I'd end this. I'd say not only you're tired, but I think I am too... Tired from the procrastination, and also the hassle of trying to recall something of which had taken place somewhat 2-3 weeks ago... Gosh to think of it, it's so long ago! So let's cut the talk, and head on with the show picture!

Since it was our last day, we'd figured to get a good
breakfast as a start of the day...
Went to Ayer Itam's market to get
"Mee Goreng"

After that good start, Shaz and Jon recon
that we'd get something from Penang to bring back to KL
(surely it's gotta be food)
Head over to Seng Heang's to grab a few
boxes of Dao Sar Pneah
and also Heong Peng
(chinese cookies)

Next stop, was to find us some Penang's finest You Tiao..
And we found it at Lebuh Cintra!
A shop that only dedicates itself to making You Tiao!
Lotsa, Lotsa n Lotsa You Tiao!

Sifu (Translate: master) at work making fresh You Tiao as I speak.
They're really nice, and cheap!
Even certain restaurants make their daily ordering and booking here!

Our final stop was Queensbay Mall, before we left Penang..
Went to look-see-look-see-hope-to-buy-something-nice...
But before that we saw some nice scenery, and decided
to snap a few pictures. I couldn't get much, since I'm not good
at panorama nor do I have wide lens to get a good shot.
I shot them instead xD *shy*

These were the few I could do with my camera during that time.

The day's too bright that poor Jon had to use
his other hand to help out..
He's like scoping something, LOL

After Queensbay, we headed home.
Boohoo =(

Alright folks, that's all from the Penang Food-a-thon
Might not be much to others, but it was surely
one heck of a trip for me!

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