Saturday, November 28, 2009

YES! 2009 @ PICC

Thanks to Nuffnang and ChrisTock, I was given the opportunity to attend the Youth Engagement Summit (YES!) 2009 sometime last week, which was the Monday of November 17th. I must say it's a pretty good experience for me. Somewhat it re-affirmed what I had believed, and open my mind to some other perspectives.

The main entrance of YES 2009
We were there since 9am

These are the speakers for the two days, but due to me only attending
the second day, I only met 3/4 of them...

That's my pass!

There were many inspiring speakers that day...
But here's some of them

First speaker was Gary Kasperov.

A very interesting talk by him as Gary focuses on aggression and initiation.
"We must be aggressive in making decision... We need to take initiative in doing something, before being asked to do it"
According to Gary, in the business world, it is better to provide people
with what they need before they ask for what they want.

Also, Gary emphasizes that courage and will power will lead one to
building a new world. One should always be objective of his/her strength and weaknesses - be creative based on own strength and opponent(s)'s advantages. Use everything to your advantage.

Then, guess who "shows" up from New York city?
Yes people, it's Donald Trumph himself live on web cam!

Donald Trumph has his own ways and definition of success and aggression.
For him, success never changes. Anyone can be successful if:
1. Love what you're doing 2. Know the subject well 3. Do the task right

He also states, "If somebody screws you, screw them back!"
His method(s) may be a little too aggressive, but it works for him,
and for many other successful businessmen at his level.

Donald strongly says that Focus, Confidence and Discipline are important
factors that leads people to their dreams. One must be able to handle the
pressure of being successful, and believe in him/herself that he/she can
tackle that goal.

Someone asked, "Mr Trumph, will Donald Trumph hire Donald Trumph?"
He answered, "Probably not, 'cause I'm afraid Donald Trumph will take
over my business *laughs*"

Up next, we have Randi Zuckerberg from Facebook!
Yes, this cheerful looking lady is one of the 'big guys' in Facebook...

She mainly focuses on how Facebook has expanded their network,
and in her explanation, there were quite a few tips on how to get
around in the business world...
Guess we all gotta "read between the lines" eh?

So according to her, if you want to make an impact, you have to be
creative - always thinking of new ways to present things, and solve problems
Never stop and be satisfied with what you have, instead make and effort
to tell yourself, there's more to explore, there's more to learn, and certainly
there's more to provide.

Randi is as interesting as she talks... and to prove that,
a question came from the floor...
"Randi, are you single?"
She laughs, and told the guy gently that she was already married...

In between the talks, there were tit bits and there was also lunch
held in a big hall... and oh if you're wondering who's the young lady there,
that's Zoeyve wearing a YES! 2009 cap

During the break times, many who were there (mostly foreigners)
took the chance to take a group picture.
It's a good day for a picha! *snap*

And this is one of the reasons why...
There's a good background!

And so we continued with the talks which lasted till about 6pm...
It was definitely tiring, but worth it!

Here's the bunch, minus off ChrisTock and YapThomas (aka Thomas Trumph
aka M'sian Donald Trumph, who's doing business everywhere, and suddenly
disappears to somewhere, and re-appears out of no where)

At the end of the talks, the audience stood up giving a round applause
with standing ovation cheering on how great the YES! 2009 is...
Moments later, when the music plays, everyone rushes down!

Zoeyve pointing out to the crowd down there!

With strong beats coming from the drummer,
making their theme song livelier than it expected...

The crowds goes wild cheering for YES! 2009....
It's been a successful event, and hope to see everyone again in the next one!

Well folks that's all from YES! 2009

And so this is Jeffro say Good Day, over and out!


  1. lol tat lady really was Zoe? doesnt really look like her! and this YES event looks really fun weih.. i wish i could attend it.. must bug christock more.. hehe!

  2. @WenPink:
    yeapz.. she's grown up ady I guess.. =D hehehe... Hmmm.. well it's fun because of good companions =D

    Well there's another next year.. yes.. BUG him.. xD I also gonna do that more often.. =P

  3. @AngelKein:
    awwwh.. next one next one =)