Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day #37

First phase of his big project was a success! Clients were absolutely happy with the solutions given and look forward to more opportunities together. Second phase commenced thereafter. There were a number of absentees but nevertheless it went smoothly. He had to report to his clients and superiors regarding the attendance list. Morning meeting that day was postponed. Most of his colleagues was overjoyed; some knew that being postponed means, the next meeting would be longer and more tedious.

He was practically running up and down from one office to another, busy as any day could be. Meeting new clients as well as existing ones. Did a couple of successful ones; looking ahead to greater news. She called him while he was on the go, asking for directions to a certain office. Couldn't answer in time, he told her he'll buzz her in a short while. He texted her on the possible whereabouts but she replied him saying she found it. He thought since her meeting is somewhere near his office, that they could catch up for lunch, but she texted a single word "No." Felt the cold shoulder, he was pretty disturbed a while. Since there's many hours of work left to be done, he couldn't let that drag him. So, he continued his work.

So caught up at work, he even forgotten to even bank in his pay cheque. By the time he did it, he knew he wouldn't have much to spare over festive season. But he considered it a blessing in disguise because he figured it would benefit him - he wouldn't be "spending" unnecessarily during this festive period.

Somewhat satisfied with his work, treated himself a good meal and went home. Couldn't stop wondering if there's something happening going on with her. He didn't knew what, but he felt something was just off. Since there was no answer to the question, he just left at there. He did his nightly prayers, hoping everything's alright, then quickly cleared his head and went to bed.

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