Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day #38

It's the Friday all over again! Apparently most of the managers weren't in the office, so everyone at office was feeling pretty relieved. It was quite intense over the past few weeks, so it's a god-given day that they had a breather that day. He could work swiftly without feeling much pressure around his neck.

Though not much results was produced from the work that day, he felt confident that everything was in place for the upcoming weeks. Documents, meetings and office plannings were all done before the end of the day. Office admin told him and his colleagues that they could leave earlier. They were all overjoyed! Quickly they packed up and left the office.

Got back home, he rested a while and an old movie from before, was on TV and it caught his attention. He remembered watching the movie before but it didn't have much impact as it did that evening. He watched it as if it was a documentary; he studied it. Might not have been the best movie, but it was somewhat inspirational to him. Right after the movie, he quickly showered and got ready for the night's get together dance. He had missed it for over a month and it was the right timing that night for him. He wanted to let loose himself (the clubs didn't work for him) in the relaxing dance. He recalled some basic steps but wasn't sure if they were right.

In the first 30 minutes, the dance instructor went through the basics with them. He was a quick learner (added with his prior experience last year) so he was able to pick up pretty fast and was in the "moment". Switching partners to leading them on the dance floor, he was pretty smooth. Though he was feeling a little nervous, but he did well. His best buddy and his best buddy's boyfriend managed to join in halfway through. He showed them a couple of basic steps he had learned earlier, and let them do the rest.

After the dance, they have themselves some drinks and a long chat. He finally got to meet his best buddy's boyfriend, and they had a good conversation. He's very happy for his best buddy. The guy was mature, knew the best buddy well and is able to help achieve dreams.

Before they knew it, it was already nearing midnight. Everyone parted ways and headed home. After all, the following day is new year's eve; there's much to prepare and much cleaning to do.

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