Thursday, February 07, 2013

Day #33

Sunday became a boring day. After completing his backlog tasks and some housework, he went to meet with his business associate on a casual meeting to talk about plans for expansion. The meeting lasted a few hours. Right after that, he took his family to do some grocery shopping. Had a good walk around the place cleared his mind a little.

It's been a while that he finds his phone an inconvenience since it's bulking, but couldn't find a replacement that is affordable and value for money. Went from shop to shop only to be disappointed by the current value of his phone. Nearly 1/3 of the original value. He was hoping for 1/2 the value, but apparently the value has dropped to that point. He felt it would be too much of an expense to trade in at such a low value.

Went to look around for suiting and fashionable clothes to change his style a little, but the nearby complexes didn't have anything new. Returned home with family for dinner, and that was practically a complete day for him. Relaxed himself in the night, just listening to some music, he wondered a lot about what he can achieve over the next few weeks. The thought of her just tends to pop in here and there from time to time. Keeping her in his prayers, he ends the night, looking forward to Monday.

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