Sunday, February 03, 2013

Day #31

He woke up pretty early that morning, unsure of the reason. He knew she might not have slept well either for the past few nights as the unpleasant conversation they had left a pretty uncomfortable feel to them. He received a text from her that morning, and was pretty infuriated by the context. He might have perceived it in a different manner than it was written. Managed to stop himself to utter out unpleasant remarks as an immediate response; he took his time to reply. After a couple of hours later, he finally managed to reply her but he knew in no way it was going to sound pleasant as he was not in the best of mood.

Somehow she knew that if it carried on via text, it might lead to more misunderstanding, and so she called him. She explained to him and then, she apologized. She told him that she should have gotten it straight with him rather than let the matter build up into an issue. He maybe mad, but he has a soft spot for her. Added with her apologetic tone and her heartfelt apology, everything just cooled down. He knew he couldn't stay mad at her, because it wasn't her fault entirely either. He then proceed to give her an explanation because she was ready to listen to him. Long story short, by the end of the call they were alright and back to talking terms.

His admiration for her grew and he knew there's more to her than meets the eye (Cliche as it may sound, that's very true for him). He wanted to get to know her more - the bad and the good; he didn't want to rush into things without knowing her inside out. Though he knew by heart that he has some feelings for her, he knows he has to accept her for who she really is, and not how or she looks like - he doesn't want to be just another guy who went after her, and walk away when she needed him most. Sounds like he's being noble and all, but really he just wants her to be happy and keep her safe at all times.


I should probably take some time to write what he knows, thinks and hopes of her. I'm pretty curious too =D

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