Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Day #41

He visited his friends' place to eat, play cards and of course to collect some red packets. He had almost the entire day planned out from one house to another and of course not to forget he had some friends coming over to his place.

The amount of cookies he had that day was unbelievable! If he had counted the calories and carbs that he had consumed, he'd probably be head banging on the wall. *facepalm* But since it's a once in a year thing, and one can rarely find those sort of cookies out of the Chinese festive celebration, he turned a blind eye to them.

His pals came over to visit and they had a good few hours of catching up, before he rushed off to meet his long time old buddy who has just is back for holidays from Australia. They were out for dinner and then a rather drink to catch up on things. However, most of their time were spent on playing card games as well as dominos. Guess that's how guys would catch up with each other? *laughs*

By the time he reached home, it was nearly midnight. Feeling all satisfied, he slides into bed, recalling what happened the whole day and slept through the good memories.

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