Friday, February 08, 2013

Day #35 & #36

These two days were pretty similar during day time, except for the events after working hours. First night there, had a get together with his partners and associates to run through some business details. Everyone was clear and in agreement with plans ahead. Had a toast and a good laugh to welcome the new year with great hopes ahead!

Second night, after quite the day at work, everyone at the office went for the company dinner. The directors treated everyone to a luxury seafood cuisine at fancy seafood restaurant. According to one of the directors, the restaurant is the most expensive seafood restaurant in the area. They had prawns, fish, crab, chicken, and beers~! He was super filled with delicious food! They toast to greater success. bigger deals and to more bonuses! After dinner, they all head back home, because the following day was a working day (boohoo~)

Originally, she invited a group of friends to her company's party. But due to the company dinner he had to miss it. After his dinner, he texted her but there wasn't any reply. He figured she must be having a good time there. Knowing he ate a little too much, he couldn't sleep too early. After resting a while, he did some very light exercises before heading to bed.

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