Monday, February 18, 2013


It's the eve before the Chinese festive celebration begins and he still hadn't done his shopping. Brought his family along and they went hunting for new clothes. He found a couple of nice designer clothes, but unfortunately many of them were either sold out or didn't have the fitting size.

That day was his swiftest shopping spree, with much excitement trying out new styles and buying them without much hesitation. He realized the size of clothes that would make him look sharper and buffer. Looking back at his previous set of clothes, he could see why it was so plain and common looking.

Hours passed by just like that, his family and himself gotten most of the items they needed. They were excited about celebrating the festive season with new stuffs! And he knew that it's a start for a whole new him.

Had dinner with family and thereafter was looking forward to the following day! - the first day of red packet collection! Started replying the text messages from random people and wishing them a good and prosperous year ahead.

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