Sunday, February 03, 2013

Day #30

Looks like there's a "cold war" between them. Still doesn't know what to expect, the only thing he knew he could do is make sure he does his work accordingly and not screw up as it was a very crucial moment for him. This was another short week at work for him and it's the last day of the month to ensure everything in January went smoothly.

Figured the best way to get his head straight is to indulge in more work, and he did. Arranged the whole evening going from one place to another, he ensured that no minute was wasted. Went to his client's place quite north up to deliver goods, then rushed mid way down from there in attempt to buy household goods (but ended up with nothing, because it was all sold out) and finally headed to city centre to join some friends at a night part. Unfortunately, his friends left early. By the time he reached there, they were all no where to be found. But he decided since he was already there, he'd just hang about. He got a couple of drinks (bottoms them up). Attempted to smoke but failed miserably led him to cough a good 2-3 minutes. Guess smoking is not his thing.

Got a text from his business partner wondering where he had been, he suddenly sobered up. Immediately realized he had other stuffs to attend to, then he left the party and headed home. Reached home, got straight to working again - he almost forgotten the stuffs he had to submit to his partners. After a couple of hours fighting the lethargy, he had completed the work and then finally dozed off.

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