Thursday, February 07, 2013

Day #34

He wondered if it's going to be a routine to wake up so early to work. He is not definitely a day-guy. Went in early in the morning and got started on all his work. This week is the week before the Chinese festive week, hence it would be a tedious closing week as most of the clients would be out of office or too busy in meetings.

His work took away his sense of time, and when he realized that, it was dark outside already. Then he remembered he had a workshop that he had to rush to facilitate. He quickly packed up his stuffs and rushed to the venue. Managed to get there on time, he resumed his role as a facilitator for the evening.

The workshop went well with pretty good response from the audience. The event team went back feeling proud and happy. Reached home after grabbing a quick supper.

Lying on his bed earlier than usual, he thought to himself it seemed pretty quiet the whole day. She didn't seem to be replying him; he wondered if all is alright on her end. He hoped that everything is okay with her and went to bed early.

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