Monday, February 18, 2013

Day #40

It's the day! - The 1st day of the Chinese festive celebration. He woke up excited, put on his new clothes and off he went for his first visit. It was his relative's place in which they will have breakfast together every year. As usually he and his family were there earliest. They were greeted warmly and invited to breakfast tradition which was one of the best he had ever tasted. He wondered how long the tradition had been going and decided to ask one of his cousins. His cousin weren't sure exactly how long it has been going, but told him that it started at least 2 decades ago. He was fascinated by how they managed to keep it together despite the many changes in the world and also to their family.
Soon, the other relatives arrived one after another. His red packet collection started then. Happily collecting one by one, he noticed that the number of red packets he had received were lesser than the years before. He knew by then a number of relatives didn't turn up that morning.

After the breakfast get together, he went off for yet another last minute shopping for tees. Since he was getting the clothes, he might as well just look at some new shoes for himself. Search from one shop to another, he couldn't find a pair of shoes that was affordable, to his liking and fitting size. He gave it a thought and figured it could wait till another time.

Then it was dinner time at another relative's place. His family and him was presented with more titbits and some beer - well surely, since he didn't know any family that served beer for breakfast. Toasting and eating, he was just eager for everyone to "open table" and start with card games. Unfortunately, 2 hours passed by, and there were only chit chats and more tit bits. He knew it was going to be a boring night, but was rather contented that he was still receiving red packets by then.

Went back home after a whole lot food, he was ready to slide into bed and sleep. Then he received a message from her, replying to his previous night's festive message. But it was more than that, she also told him that she was seeing someone else and that someone else would be there during a dinner later that week. He was stupefied. That very moment he knew that it was pretty much game over. Didn't know how else to react, he told her that everything's cool and he'll see her and the someone else soon.

What a buzz kill it is for him. Nevertheless, he should have expected that since there were a number of guys ahead of him who are better than him. That night just felt super long.

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