Saturday, August 23, 2008

BabyNovo and Shanon

Well some people have been wondering who were my darling and sweetheart that I've been calling and missing recently... Today I shall reveal them to you... Yeah people keep telling me that I've always got hot chicks by my side, FINALLY I CAN SAY SO TOO! These 2 hot "chicks" are gonna sticking by my side from now on!!!

It Started of with me looking cool,
on my way to "see" both of them...

but skip the boring part...
let's just jump to the FUN part!


My darling Shanon aka
Powershot Canon S5 IS (Semi Pro Camera)

I'm quite lazy to tell you all about her,
but you can find out more about her
through here

My SweetHeart BabyNovo
aka Lenovo 3000 Y410 (Lappie)

Wanna know my SweetHeart better?
Click here

Don't jealous k?


  1. whoah... i love your camera too... someday i'll get one for myself and i'll call it shawn... hahaha (am kidding!)

  2. hahaha... thx!
    hmmm.. u shud get a good camera, if you like snapping lotsa pics..
    Wootza! Naming your gadgets is nice.. I name most of my gadgets (close ones only though) ^_^

  3. wa~ suddenly you are rich~ can change new laptop and camera at the same time.

  4. no la.. not rich..
    i needed to change things..
    and so happen i have the $$..

    well now broke ady..
    sad la.. T_T

  5. Chewah! Someone got new gears. :)

    See you on Friday! xD

  6. Hahaha.. Yupz!!
    Got my "bling Bling" LOL

    see you guys on Friday..