Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Play: Paroimia @ FGA Church, KL

Two Fridays ago, I attended an Easter Play called Paroimia at FGA Church, KL. The invitation was from both my family and Samantha. At first I was reluctant to go, because I'm not really a fan of church stuffs. The reason I went, was because of Samantha and WaiHong (whom I persuaded to go) and Chris (last minute decision to go). But at last I was glad I went there. The play was fantastic - so much energy and passion poured into the play. I'd say they even be good enough to set up a play in KLPAC if they could afford it!

They were studying the showlist...

That's my friend too, Macarios =)

Yesh, a sticker which acts as a visitor pass =)

He appeared during the opening of the show,
and also in the middle of the show..
He's got a good voice to act as a screamer.. =P

This is the scene where the Evil side appears,
and mocks the Good side..

Yeah, he looks good, but he ain't..
He persuades people to only have fun and
forget everything else..
A good role played by this guy..

I think her casting name is Emilia, if not mistaken..
She plays a sweet and innocent girl,
but was led into trouble by her curiosity
and naive-nature.
She fits the character perfectly..

The prince was to requested to give up fame and title,
as a sacrificial to save the people in suffer..
He was reluctant at first, but with proper
reasoning, he soon stepped down willingly..

This is where the Prince was seated earlier..

This is one of the last parts of the play..
All sorts of stunts and gestures were portrayed.
I couldn't catch the last part.. =(

At the end, all the casting crew appeared to the crowd,
to receive their honourable applause.. =P
The guy 3rd from the top right is the director..
Seriously he is brilliant and creative..
Love this play!

Wasn't me, but everyone else in the crowd who were watching..
Everyone there, LOVES IT!

The whole play was absolutely brilliant. Instead of bringing out the old stories that most of us would have probably heard, they came out with an interesting fresh scenes acted out by the youths of FGA church. Though they're young, but they were all very professional. It was really a great job well done in sending an easter message to everyone who attended that night. =)

P/s: I apologize for the noisy pictures. BabyShanon couldn't handle high ISO that well. Pictures were taken in ISO400 & ISO800, f2.8 & f3.2, shutter ranging from 1/5 to 60, non with flash.

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