Friday, October 30, 2009

Penang Food-a-thon - Day 2

So where did we stopped? Hmmm... *scratches head and thinks* Oh yeah, I remember now! The second day, we woke up quiet late, due to sleeping at 3am. Jon said we must not sleep after eating (that was 1am), instead we should wait at least an hour or so. So that's how I ended up sleeping at 3am... *snickers* Haha, actually I was busy playing Shaz's IPhone till 3am while waiting for proper food digestion... LOL!

We should be staying active at all times..
But it doesn't look quite so... not at all...
"Shaz in bed"

Me showing my statement T-shirt
"Kami Tak Hot, Kami Cool!"

To the extend, we had to put down the temperature
to below 10 degrees Celcius... since we moved in..
Beat that yo!

What'ya know.. Our first destination:
Tanjung Bungah's Best Pisang Goreng!
Where everything's made fresh fresh.. Teehee!
What a breakfast/brunch we had!

Guess what? I saw Pam in the streets of Penang..

Lunch at Restaurant Kassim Mustafa...
"Famous Nasi Dalcha"

Upon walking/driving around, we saw this quite often..
as if it was a sign or a message thrown at us..
"Lose weight now!"

We went to Komtar and around the area to do
survey and check up on prices of our boy toys (camera stuffs)...
we checked the happening board..
"What's happening? Us!"

After walking around, our throats were a little dry..
and so happen we stumble across a gelato italiano shop..
selling ice creams that differs from that of KL,
it was cheap for a scoop - RM3.50
and I gotten myself the Whiskey Cream...
Yes alcoholic ice cream baby! =P
"Maxim's Cake Shop"

By the time we knew it, it was turning dusk...
Dark and all, Penang roads somewhat like KL's start jamming up..
"Jam ahead"

See those mirrors? No it's not for camwhoring or anything like that..
It's for security, to allow pedestrian to look out for anyone suspicious
of snatch theft, hiding behind the pillars...
but I was told...
"Those mirrors are for those people who run up very fast,
cannot see people coming, need those mirrors to see...
Otherwise it'd be like those hong kong movie, people bump into
others, drop and roll on the floor..."
I was conned =.="

Suppose to use slow shutter and high apertures values
to capture the city lights... but I guess I failed!
Was still too bright and I had up to F8.0 only T_T

Gotten tired of the walking around, we decided to have a drink...
We went to OldTown GeorgeTown's
and I ordered their White Coffee...
Apparently it sucks... Ipoh's white coffee was better...
and cheaper!

After our drinks, we continued on moving around...
We saw this apom at Jalan Chulia
Crispy fresh made ones for only 40 sens per piece...

While uncle is working on the apoms,
we bought a couple of it and ate it...
Shaz enjoys it =)

Then, we decided to buy something to munch on at the hotel...
The bakery of which we went to buy breads and stuffs...
Their bread are fresh and great...

Right after that, we thought of having ourselves some dessert...
This is the looks of the famous Tong-Yuen stall in Penang..
It's allocated at McCalister Road, near by the Sunway Hotel in Penang...
We're having them as desserts!

Waited for the fresh boiled Tong-Yuens
and had our sweeties...
One was with Soya Bean Soup, and the other was with
Osmanthus Flower Soup!
"Super nice and appetizing!"
No wonder even the Singaporeans (who've eaten them) praised it! =)

After a good and appetizing dessert,
we went for Nasi Kandar at
Restaurant Subaidah, Tanjung Bungah...
What a fulfilling night! =)


Stopping here for now... and
Leaving you with my name
created using a water boiler's steam
under the glass frame.. =)
"Steamy Jeffro"

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  1. Viciousnya jeffro ini...air liur gua dah meleleh dah

  2. @Hitomi:
    hahaha.. makan byk giler.. xD next time when u go penang, must eat like me also! xD