Saturday, October 31, 2009

Steamboat Dinner @ Sandra's Place

First ever dinner gathering steamboat style and I had it at Sandra's place. Was pretty cool though, there were plenty of food. Even though there were plenty of FFK-ers aka Plan-Ditchers, we had lotsa fun cracking silly jokes, doing silly stuffs, playing silly songs, chatting and eating together.

Some awesome compilation of food there!
We had Foo Pei (Dried tofu skin) Steamboat for 4-5 rounds..

That's Sandra, Joseph and Gary
See the amount of Foo Pei Dried tofu skin)?
We could just eat that only... LOL

Here's a picture of Toby!
with his favourite ball...

That's Jone playing with the dog...
He provoke the dog a few times, that it nearly bitten
the wrong ball... LOL

and so that's all from the steamboat dinner!
Till next time, see ya soon! =)


  1. post gambar kat fb when u free yo! i wan see :P

  2. @Gary Lim:
    these are the only pictures i had.. LOL.. no worries will put them up soon.. =)