Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Early Wishes? or Simply Kiasu?

Just when you think you had it everything under control, you're top of things, you in front of paces... Someone else comes in to spoil the fun for you... Boohoo!
I haven't been the earliest to wish anyone a happy birthday or anything like that, in the longest while... So I went cheeky, being kiasu by saying

"happy bday 1 yr in advance"

Seems very the kiasu right? Well, think again! A friend of mine, came back to me... "that not kiasu enough!" and tells me to hear him out...

"Gong hei lei, Lin Lin yao shyuin pou"
(translate-oh-not-so-accurate: Congratulations to you, may you have grandchildren to take care of)
2 a 20 yr single girl/guy...

How do you rate that now?
It's like I got stabbed in the butt!


  1. lol! kiasu betul xD i like that reply lor hahaha

  2. @Conan_cat:
    yeah.. Super kiasu right? wtf

  3. LOLOLOL!! Dont ever say that to a girl in her 20s! Whether or not she is single also dont say it to her if u wanna live!!

  4. @Kenwooi:
    Hehehe.. Thanks! =D

    Definitely not! Imma too young to die! Hehehe...