Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Picturing Objects with 50mm

Just wanted to test out something in which I've put together, and so I grab a few objects to shoot on. Also this time I wanted to see how sharp the 50mm lens could go with manual focus =)

behold my BMW!

side view

back view (different focus)

close up on the inside

Tyre shot

front shot

my old car

my Passat!

So what do you think?
Sharp or not?
This is far sharper than the previous one I was using...

Anyways, here's the custom made stuffs..


Black background and brown surface

Due to only one lens and one camera,
I haven't gotten the chance to take a good shot of
the camera along with the lens...


  1. hmm, try uploading your pics on another photo hosting site. i think uploading it on blogger will somehow decrease the pictures quality. hmm, not really sure bout this but its worth a shot i guess. LOL!

  2. @Dylan:
    hahaa.. no la.. actually i resized the picture, made it look a lil off its quality.. (make it smaller in size, lost quality) Thanks for the suggestions.. but haven't found any good sites yet.. =(