Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sherlock Holme's Premiere Screening

Gonna do a quick one on this. Got the invitation to the screening thanks to Alex and Nuffnang. So what's my take on it?

kinda lazy to get the official pictures,
I'll let ya see the trailer instead
"if picture tells a thousand words,
a movie tells a million pictures"

What's it about?

This movie is actually adoption of a fictional character, Sherlock Holmes who's a detective on the go of solving cases, except that this Sherlock Holmes was no ordinary detective. This movie portrays a genius-being of a detective eager and yearning to solve mystery (as no mystery cannot be unsolved). However Sherlock Holmes as impressive as he sounds, is lethal with his fighting skills combined with his legendary intellect. Together Holmes and Watson (his trusty stalwart partner, also an impressive doctor) fight against a new nemesis and a deadly plot to bring down the country.

The Good?

Awesome storyline, with good mixture of action and comedy.
Love the plot of the story, how it builds up to the climax.
The logic makes you think a lot.
Gets everyone's attention with the movie and dialogue style.
Love the humor. If you think it's partially funny, you're wrong, it's hilarious throughout the whole show!

The Bad?

You really need good sound system to hear them clearly, cause they speak too fast (or we can't catch up with their speech speed)
If you're slow, you'll need to go through the movie again to catch the meaning.
You need to understand their slang to catch some of their words (or you can rely on the subtitles)



Why 9, even if it's so good?
Cause I didn't get to see the real nemesis..
Leaving me wondering who it is...

A recommended movie to watch!
*thumbs up*


  1. Wow! I feel wan to watch now!

  2. @Joshua:
    Yeapz u should watch.. u'd be amazed! :D

  3. real nemesis for this show is blackwood lo..i think got part 2 la if they wanna show who is prof marioty, who is sherlock arcenemy! =D

  4. @Jackie:
    Well he's just a small little pawn in this show only.. xD Yeah.. waiting for SH II, Teehee!

    no probs.. =)

  5. I also watched the premier of the movie!!


    Do Visit My Blog, THX. :)

  6. @Jemsen:
    Cool.. =D The show was awesome eh? Hehehe.. Will visit soon! =D

  7. @Nikel:
    Yeah.. cant wait for the SH II to be out.. =D