Monday, December 07, 2009

Laughing Mondays

While others are complaining about Mondays (of course I still do), I find my Mondays hilarious all thanks to a lecturer, whom has done nothing but make us laugh (all for the wrong reasons). Yes he did not teach us what we're to learn, but he taught us that Mondays could simply be turned around... How so? Well, if I may, I'll show you some of the things of which I've twittered on previous Mondays (including today's), and you be the judge of it...
Lecturer: 'wat is ur wet(weight)?'
Student: 'excuse me?! Wat wet?'

Lecturer: "Did u go 2 d FeSisFair (read: Fee-Sees-Fair)?"
Among us students: "Do wat there? buy and sell shyts ar?"
friend went to check up on the term "fesis" this is a funny description -

Lecturer: "you know wat is ad hoc network? it's add add a hoc"

Lecturer: "if u cant see the problem, imagine it" LOL WTF!

Lecturer: "... and then there's the ROGOL (that's how he pronounce ROGUE) AP detection" n "Who wants to be a ROGOLER??" OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!

omg... my class has become interesting.. "you need to a be a spy, before you go ROGOL" said lecturer..

last words before ending classes, "Anyone interested in the wireless ROGOL (rogue) system" nao we can DO it wirelessly, batang(wire)-less..

The lecturer actually expects us to remember this, by glancing at it O_O! (we dun hv a copy of it) -

MUAHAHAHA.. champion classmate fell asleep in class... THIS IS EPIC! -

Everything I've been through is worth this can... :D *sips* Ahhhhh...

Lecturer: "wat happen wen u shoot thru d wall (refering to IR signals)?"

Lecturer: "languages.. you knw the taichew?"
Me: "must be TaiChi language in for Teochew's"

Lecturer: "What's the difference with WiFi and WiMax?"
Friend: "WiMax can cut!" xD

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