Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas To Everyone!

It's been a while since I celebrated anything at church. FYI, I'm a free thinker. So I don't attend churches. But on the eve of this Christmas, I thought I'd do something different. Since Julian wasn't always around during the year end (bugger usually heads down to Singapore to have a jolly good time) I'd figure why not join him at his catholic church?

And he thought I was kidding, until I was there...

Gereja Katolik Assumptions
(Catholic Assumptions Church)

Tadaaa... I'm here there baby!

Well, of course I gave him a call (to ask for directions.. Yes, I'm a direction-noob) so he knew I was coming. Still he thought I was joking (OMG =.=") I came with a fellow classmate/collegemate... Technically, all of us are classmates/collegemates since we're in the same college, same class, same course, same intake.. same same same.. And we were quite surprised by the awkward number of people...

There were so many people, that the church itself
couldn't accommodate everyone!
People had to stand outside the church...
To my surprise these people don't mind, 'cause they want to
be a part of the congregation... *salutes*

Standing there even for 5 minutes, and
I'm already complaining and sweating away...
How can they take it?

Well it's simple!
I got the answer, it's Christmas spirit!

Saw fireworks played nearby the church...
People with so much energy, they don't mind
standing anywhere, as long as they can
be together to celebrate Christmas...
Logical isn't it =)

Well, thank God I didn't had to wait long...
We managed to get through the crowd
(different service ma...)
and scored good seats (in between wall fans.. *grins)


Well, they're still angels right?