Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hannah Tan: Live In Concert

This Christmas, the sweet and talented Hannah Tan's holding a charity concert. There'll also be other artists and celebrities performing/showing up on stage with Hannah too - Caprice, Harith Iskander, Pietro Felix, Hans Isaac, Innuendo's Reymee, Jojo Struys and many more... It's not often that you see all of them come together, especially during a festive time like these when most of us (not to mention them) will be away on a holiday.
Date: 20th December 2009
Time: 4pm
Venue: The Gardens Hotel Ballroom, Midvalley

Everyone is welcomed to joined, as tickets will be sold in exchange for gifts of any value instead of money, and these contributions shall be distributed to orphanages and underprivileged children for Christmas.

"This highly anticipated charity concert is an initiative by Hannah Tan and the H-Factor Community Service team. Gifts will be collected at the concert venue entrance on 20th December 2009, and distributed to orphanages and underprivileged children through independent community service partner City Care"

Entertainers wanting a shot on the stage, will be a given a chance to do so. How? Simply upload your video to your FB profiles, then email the link to, and get your friends to vote for them. Get the most votes, and you'll be performing 15 minutes as an Opening Act!

Here's a treat for you cheapskates (Just joking only la) Lucky for you, I've been giving the honors to bring along five (5) lucky people to join in the fun! (you'll all be under my guess list). Hint: First five (5) to comment are the lucky ones. So hurry up, "early bird gets the worm" *winks*

More info on the charity concert @


  1. i wonder if i can get the tics? haha!

  2. @Dylan:
    Alright.. You got it!

    Sure, no probs. I'll have you on list, and you'll just need to say my name on that day.

    Jess dear, you're on a separate list.. *winks* Just have be there.. =D

  3. @William:
    Alright.. Listed you up! =) See ya on the 20th then.. =)