Wednesday, December 30, 2009

SMKBBSP Orientation Day

Had nothing better to do, and since my sister was short of a photographer, I volunteered to help her out at school. However I did told her of my shortcomings (if there were any) because of my 50mm only *grins*

Well, you'll see everything there.

Preparation in the hall...

Parents and students checking out their placing of classrooms

back and front of the board...

some don't like it, I guess.


walk up and down...

Parents seated in the hall

students seated according to their classes

Prefects at their places..
(this is candid =P)

Opening speech

Principle welcome speech

Teachers from respective departments...

students listening
(can't really get a shot of students focusing on speech,
back then, even I didn't listen to 3/4 of the speech,
what more the younger generations?)

this is as close as I can get...

but the parents will always be the ones listening eh?
That's how they come telling us
"YOU NVR LISTEN WAN! That's why you don't know..."

After the speeches, it's time for these newbies to
pay a visit and continue their orientation in their
respective classes.

That ends my job, because from there forth, I used the school's compact camera (with auto and good backlighting, in which can only be achieved with my camera if I did any post-processing with the pictures) since it's easier and convenient to squeeze in between crowds...

So I walked around, taking other shots...

School logo

the school's mural

Candid time!

[left] one points chin, the other points forehead
[right] guess what's he doing? (hint: gold mine)

[left] wanted to take the lanci (translate: arrogant) look.. failed..
[right] emotionless...

Well that's all folks =D

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