Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Funny Mum On Wednesday Morning

Was rather groggy this morning, as I didn't get enough sleep. Well it was due to work yesterday. Supposedly to be just a briefing, but since I could start off earlier, I said why not? And so my work started by noon, and ended by 7.30pm. Boy was I dead tired when I got home. Reached home, had dinner, rest a while, then it was time for bed. This morning, woke up with a head as light as feather (still swinging around, looking for ma pillow) but eyes as heavy as a buffalo (more realistic if I used it as a comparison? could lift my eyes, but it was very heavy). Had breakfast then rushed to college.

Then, in college, when I logged onto the PC in the labs.My mum chat with me on facebook. She said something that made me laugh a little...

"Boy you didn't bring your buns" (LOL)
No, i forgot them, no worries, will have when I'm home

"Eh, must finish by today, otherwise later koyak" (ROFL!)
You mean expired is it? Aiyo~~

Isn't she funny? =D
Gave me a great start for a morning!


  1. hello jeffro's mom!

    u're so cute hehe. "koyak" :)

  2. awww ur mom is so cute! and also warm! i still remember her clearly despite only meeting her briefly.

  3. @Wen_pink:
    hahaha.. on behalf of mum, thank you thank you.. =D yeapz, and surprisingly, she still remembers you! =D