Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Rising Star Concert 2009 @ FRIM

A friend of mum's invited me to be part of a kindergarten's concert showcase, as a photographer. I was delighted! Not only was I able to go close up with the kids, but this is my first times watching one. The children were remarkable! Sure, some of them were shy, some cried, but some were very sporting and outgoing - all spell out C.U.T.E!

Center stage

Ain't they adorable? =D

The kids and the folks!

Kids on stage!

The principle of the kindergarten
A very dedicated teacher, who's committed to her work
and the children around...

Graduates with their parents/guardians/teachers

They maybe small, but they got big talent!

Cool eh? even the parents are enjoying it..
what more the teachers?

Why are the girls scared?
They were in the scene..
Michael Jackson's Thriller...!

Young as they are, they remembered the steps
throughout the whole routine!

I saw all kinds of expression that evening...
Makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside...
Don't cha love the kids?

Many had the phones and cameras up to record it down..

Everyone had fun!

And this concludes the Rising Star Concert of 2009...
Hope you enjoyed it too! =)

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