Saturday, December 19, 2009

Worst Christmas Dinner

Last night, my family and I were invited to a Christmas dinner held by Wesley Methodist Church at Hotel Olympic (I've never heard of it, not till a week ago) by my mum's company. Went there early as I wasn't sure where it was allocated (thanks to we found our way). Up next would be my complete rantings of the night, so unless you're willing to find out how bad dinner was (or should I say, how bad the night went), don't read on and tell me otherwise.

Thought we had good seats, we were at table 100
Spot the table!

Well that's how far we were from the stage..
Guess what, for a performance catered for more than a thousand people
They had only TWO (2) speakers facing towards the middle crowd
So where we were seated, we couldn't hear much...
except for the loud bass... *applause*

See the menu?
Well, most of the dishes were repetitive in terms of ingredients
We had the SAME SOUP, in which the ingredients were used for
at least 2 other dishes.
Being the last table, we had our food served the last!
Super hungry by then, I nearly fell asleep...
(WHAT? being hungry makes makes me sleepy >.< )
Saw how small the chicken is?
Well that's for 10 people to feast on...
"Smart" people...

Alright so what's with the songs?
#1 Songs were badly arranged and no pauses in between,
leaving the crowd (consisting of mostly elders) gasping for breath
#2 Some songs were sang out of tune, and not many selection
were of Christmas theme...
#3 Mixing fast and slow songs together, making it go
fast-slow-fast-slow-fast-slow, not such a good thing,
when you want a crowd to sing-a-long
#4 What is with the lyrics? First glance, sis and I asked each other,
"Fill in the blanks ka?"
Rupa-rupa-nyer (Translate: Actually) it's telling us there's a long drag

Some had to sit down, cause ran out of breath...

The senior carolers...

The young carolers...

Just zoom in a little...

Musicians and coordinator

Was kinda bored, went around snapping random pictures

Our table were pretty much concentrated on the food...
Coz that's the most entertaining part of the night...
Laughing at the meals as they are repetitive,
"I think this is their specialty, Same-O-Dish-O
soup and greens were absolutely of the same ingredients..
just that they added one or two more vegetables into it..

The few of us at table 100...

Don't know what this is...
Just another random shot I took off the outside...
Looks like a fish, if not mistaken?
Yes, no?

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