Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hannah Tan's Charity Concert @ Garden's Ballroom

20th December 2009, held one of the grandest charity concert, consisting about 20 celebrities performing together... So who were the celebrities besides the gorgeous Hannah Tan herself? Pietro and Serena C, Harith Iskander, Dennis Lau, Ash Nair, Atilia, Jojo Struys, Daphne Iking, Reymee and Sam of INNUENDO, The Fabulous Cats, Meet Uncle Hussain, Reefa, Sasi The Don, Liang, David Lai, Shawn Lee, Douglas Teoh and Fellest Yan (alongside with the Royal Phantom Production dance crew) were there rocking up the entire ballroom!

Sneak Peek of the Concert!

Before showing you the concert itself,
allow me to show the before's of the concert...

Popcorn sponsored by Digi

Briefing of the official 7's

the 7's

The guys handling the gifts collection...

The starbucks dude, providing us with awesome coffee!

Magic performances for the kids..

There were clowns too!

People were feeling good even before the concert...
So let's move on to the hall now, shall we?

Ladies n Gents,
Presenting Ms Hannah Tan!

Hannah on Screen

Hannah Tan herself!

Crowd cheers

Serena and Pietro starting host...

Second from left is the Ambassador of Japan,
with his wife (right of him)

The special opening act, by winner Douglas Teoh!
Congratz dude, you sang well!

Guess who's in the house now?!
Malaysian's top beatboxer, Shawn Lee!

Fellest Yan with his dance crew~
And Hannah joined in later...

Next we've got the Ambassador of Japan on stage...

Why was the crowd so focused?

The Ambassador himself sang "Getaran Jiwa" for us...
YES! A full MALAY song by his excellency.. AWESOME!

Hannah doing solo of one the songs..

She continues to shine...

Folks, Ash Nair~
His voice is good!

And then it was Liang's turn to perform!
Boy his voice is cool! deep but powerful and clear...

Just when you think Fellest brings flowers for the lady,
it turns out the other way around...
Oopsie! *grins*

No, Hannah wasn't crying because of that...
She was touched, the night really meant something to her...
With that she sang us another beautiful song... awwww~

All three of them... to welcome *drum rolls*

Mr David Lai~!!

Liang who couldn't bend his fork... (ok that sounds wrong)
"Let the professional do it..."

Tadah~ Bend-ed fork!
Yes people, be amazed, be very very amazed!

Up next is the pretty Jojo Struys
doing tap dancing with a friend...


Atilia in action!

Sasi The Don and Reefa!

Put cha hands in the air!

For Reymee and Sam from Innuendo~~!
Their voices are still good as ever!
Love them, eversince I was still a kid...
One of my favorite local bands =)

Dennis Lau and Ash Nair performing together...
Their music blends well...

Hannah once again singing for us...
You can never get enough of her =)
She then welcomes...

Malaysian's top violinist and saxophonist!

I think this is Hazami...
*thanks for the correction Jeremy*

Daphne Iking folks...
She's simply wonderful...

Fabulous Cats people...
They fabulous aite! dance and sing..
If that was me there, I'd probably run of out breath...
panting at one corner.. *shy*

David Lai and Pietro in a minding-reading session...
I still remain doubtful...
but that's the whole point, right? =)

Meet Uncle Hussein...
You'd be confused as me too, cause he's no uncle!
LOL.. thanks for the reminder Jeremy!

but the guitarist were wicked cool jamming there!

After waiting through the unbelieable, not to mention my all time
favorite local comedian... Harith~ Iskandar!!
His expressions and jokes are priceless!

Everyone was laughing so hard!
Especially when he asked a chinese guy,
"Eh you volunteer ar? Chinese guys work for free ar?"
The best catch line ever!
Trust me when I say even the Ambassador of Japan nearly
laughed off his chair!

If you don't know, Harith can sing well too!
He has the voice of an well-groomed-and-experienced singer...
The guy who's doing back up most of the time,
had his moment of lime lights too!

We all know it's all coming to the end when..
they start announcing who'd be the lucky winner to

when all the celebrities come up on stage!

Everyone starts singing the finale song...

What was they afraid of?
Jabbawockee cum Harith Iskandar popping away!

Then comes the dance crews!
"I Like to Move it Move it..."

Haha.. this picture certainly looks wrong at this angle!
Tsk tsk tsk...
Kidding ya Fellest!

awwwh, c'mon don't be like that?
(kidding again!)

That's the last of last on the dance floor/stage!

Hannah giving me one of her best smiles..

Hannah and I

Reymee, Sam and I...
You guys are always my favorite! =)

Couldn't get a proper picture of Shawn Lee...
I guess this will do!

That's all from me on Hannah Tan's Charity Concert!
Here I am wishing everyone a blessed Merry X'mas!
I'm Jeffro, and I'm signing out!


  1. This is a great post with lot of shinning stars! :)

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  3. @Stefanie:
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  4. i likey! thanks for the invites again! :D :D :D

  5. dude... the guy you said he's meet uncle hussein is Hazami lar.. and the one you couldn't recognize is meet uncle hussein lar.. lolx~ anyway good job at the blog post... :)

  6. @Coco:
    Thanks so much! Pictures are up on FB too.. =)

    Thanks man.. Hope you had a splendid time as I did..

    @Bboy Rice:
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  7. @William Leong:
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  8. Thank you so much for the kind post Jeffro! REally appreciate it and thanks for the wonderful pics toooo! You rock! Really great seeing you! Big hugs and Happy NY in advance!!! *grin* xxx

  9. @Hannah:
    Ur welcome Hannah.. glad u like them =) You rock too! Have a great year ahead! =) *hugs* Thanks ya!