Thursday, April 23, 2009

Review on "Knowing"

On Tuesday, my collegemates decided to meet up and watch a movie called Knowing starring Nicholas Cage.

Before I go on, as usual I'll share with you a short and brief summary of what the movie is about. Well at least you'll get a small picture of it (not too big I hope).

Knowing roughly involves predicting the future and somewhat about building a new world with those who/which are selected. So, the story initially tells about school children of 50 years ago, putting their imaginations of what the future lies, into a time capsule that would be buried only to be opened in 50 years to come, to signify the official opening of the school. So 50 years later after that burial, when the time capsule was dug out, what seems to be a bunch of written number turns out to be a troubling fact (or rather prophecy) found to be disturbing to a professor, his son and the those who were related to the girl who wrote it. The prophecy that foretold the destruction of the earth.

Alright so I guess that's simple enough to give a rough idea? So now let's go to the good and bad f things, shall we?

The Good:
  • Honestly, I really really like the special effects of the movie. The computer graphics really amazed me. Somewhat so real, unexpectable, and fresh. I bet those who haven't watched it, wouldn't expect it.
  • The movie was good like any movie should be - as in it has the start up, the peak and the ending.
The Bad:
  • Storyline, seriously sucks. At first, you'd like this is awesome! Then, towards the end, you'd go WTF? Gets you excited at first, turns you down the next.
  • Gave me the wrong impression of what the movie was suppose to be.
  • I don't understand what the ending was suppose to mean - there's no morale to the movie. I don't even understand why an actor such as Nicholas Cage would bother doing this movie.
  • Wouldn't even make the crowd feel like watching it for a second time, cause it's like a one time show. Well everything's revealed, nothing to think about or to wonder any further.
  • Contradictory to some biblical facts (complaints by those who are religiously defensive on it) - mixing technology, bible and aliens.
My Rating:
2.0 of 10.0

(Reason: 9.5 for the effects, but others spoilt the rest)

A piece of advice, if you want to watch it for the fun of it or to see great-mind-blowing-effects, this definitely suitable for you. If not, don't bother going for this, there are plenty better ones.


  1. Opposite of you, I think the storyline's brilliant.

    The combo of aliens and starting anew in another planet gives the answer to the question in the beginning of his (Nicholas Cage) class: Is our existance based on chaos theory or determinism.

    It's meant to be determinism ;)

  2. @Gorgeous: Hmm.. yeah.. it does tell about determinism.. You're definitely not wrong about it.. but somewhat it wasnt really up to my expectations.. Well everything's subjective.. different people different opinion..

    Cheerios.. =)

  3. Why no, I don't mind at all if you use a screenshot that I took and then hosted on my own site. I'm happy to absorb the bandwidth costs every time you serve the image. After all, like you, I am a huge multinational corporation.

  4. @Miconian: Well no worries, that's the reason I do not take credits for the picture.. and each picture's link, is remained the same.. so when they are loaded, you get the credit.. =)

    Oh no, I'm not any huge multinational corporation, I'm just a regular blogger.. Sorry if I have cause you any inconveniences...

  5. I do agree with gorgeous the story line is brilliant, the ending is simple and yet it did make sense. In order to start a new, innocence must be preserved. It's a modern version of Noah's Arc. The story is very compelling.

  6. @PTC:
    well perhaps you can put it as the Futuristic Noah's Arc.. =P