Wednesday, April 01, 2009

KarMun's Birthday!

t's KarMun aka Carmen's aka Jenny's aka Rachel's Birthday about 2 weeks ago. Yes I know, I'm a bit, okay, VERY late on the post up. Was having some sort of trouble here though. Anyways, let's get on with the birthday ya.

On her birthday itself, I decided to give her a surprise. Meet up with her earlier, and wish her a happy birthday. But then, because she did not expect it, she actually had plans to do her hair for the night's birthday celebration. So what am I to do when I'm there?

I followed along =D
See? *winks*

It got boring and a few of us decide to have lunch while waiting for her to get done. However, her hair setup took longer than expected, so I had to go back first to change and get her presents ready.. and when I arrived at her place again, it was already time to celebrate! Her very happy 21st birthday =D

There were satay! Wootza~
I wonder why everytime there's a celebration,
there's always satay.. and I mean all the time..

and people started to grab their dinner..

everyone enjoyed their meals,
and so did the old folks..

While others were eating,
some of us were playing "hide-and-easily-seek"

These are some of the people who were early.. =D

KarMun's friends whom I have no idea what their names are

The pretty and special girl of the night..
Ten Kar Mun, Happy Birthday to you =D

I think they're her collegemates or something..
Don't ask me, I'm just guessing..

Now these people I know..
They're all in the same class during form 4 and 5
except for Azman on the far right..
Errr.. he's special.. to someone..

This is suppose to be funny guys..
but some people just don't seem to get the idea..

I wonder what these two were talking about..
Hmmm.. Ohhh! Hmmm.. Oooo..

KarMun's relatives..
I haven't seen them in a while too..
Looking good there yal =D

Ohkay, let me introduce to you this special girl..
A girl who's been complaining about every picture taken.. LOL
This is Colbie.. =D
Apparently she doesn't like taking pictures with her smiling
and her teeth showing..
but hey, ain't this picture nice?
(Pls pls pls say it's nice, or else I'll hear another complaint)

After taking shot, she quickly grew shy..
LOL I wonder why.. =P

This is a group picture before everyone left the party..
Thanks KarMun for the great party..
Nice food, nice people, nice girls..
LOL, just kidding about the girls..
Err.. not that the girls aren't nice.. they're nice..
They're nice nice not that nice "nice"..
Umm.. okay it's getting all wrong here..
Arrggghh~~ yal get what I mean, don't you?

Anyways, this is Be@r Brick saying bye bye to all
B is for bye.. LOL, okay that was lame.. =D


  1. heh.. next time when i see u, u gonna die dy... =.=

    (T.T) urghh urrhh huhu.. y dat photo ler?? sob sob somemore describe mii till like dat .. erm, next time must curi2 delete my photo in ur cam ler...muahahhaha

  2. @Colbie:
    aiya.. nice ma the picture.. i duwan to die so fast ler.. =D

    that photo ar? nice ma.. dun la delete.. i wun put it up if it's not nice ler.. trust me.. =D

  3. my mom taught mii not too easily trust a person wor..
    haha..especially, ppl like u luu.. always sweet toking wan.. blekkk..

  4. *salutes your mum* true true.. I sweet talk a lot meh? =.=" Then you want me to be more vulgar? lol..

    well i believe it's up to you if you want to trust or not.. but i meant every word i said.. =)