Thursday, April 02, 2009

Blogger's Outing @ Pavillion

Last Saturday, a bunch of us bloggers decided to meet up for lunch and catch up/get to know each other better. The time was set at 1pm at Coffee Bean's Mid Court of Pavilion. But knowing that this is Malaysia, and mostsome of us abide by the MST (Malaysia's Standard Timing) which is +0.30 or +1.00 hour into the time, those who were weirdos of Malaysia there early had to wait for the others. Haha. *grins*

No this girl is not one of us..
Don't know whether or not she's a blogger..
But... one fact..
SHE TOOK 40 MINUTES to make-up
(I think she took longer than that, knowing that
she was there even before Alex and I reached)

This is CWKen...
Cool guy with D60 =D

This is Zhao with his D90 is action.. =)

sharing a chair.. cause there wasn't enough..
To Starbucks: It's Time to Upgrade!

All Well, most of us head down to Food Republic to have lunch..
Funny thing about asking Zhao where to eat, is that he'll always
suggest somewhere expensive.. know why?
Cause he doesn't want to suggest a place.. wtf.. LoL

Here's all of us who were there.. =D

We hang around for a while after lunch, chit chatting away, cracking lame jokes and taking a whole lot of pictures (this is where the others put their cameras at work then), before we all leave for our own agendas.

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  1. wuahahaa!!!

    the place we first meet up is coffee beans la... not starbucks, even tho they have not enough place... XD

  2. haha.. yeapz.. Hmm.. i tot i say coffee bean, no? could you point out the mistake, me need to correct it, if not paiseh.. hehehe xD