Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beware of Dell's Defective Part(s)

Recently, my friend and I have received a couple of complaints in regards of Dell's laptop - the 1420 series and 1525 series. When promised performance on the laptop, some complaint they were seeing anything different from laptops with a much lower specification. My friend and I, opened and tested the laptop. Apparently the problem was the RAM (Random-Access Memory) provided by Dell. Many of it from a brand called Hynix (so-called made in Korea) were defective and began to fail after a period of time after purchase.

the hynix DDR2 RAM

Seriously, they died after some time. Tested the same RAM and boy it is confirmed dead, unusable, defected and ready-to-be-in-oblivion!

First time, you use them all things are okay. Then it slows down. Suddenly reboot error, and eventually can't even boot up or pass the BIOS-boot-up screen. Plus, it happens at critical times. Wtf?!

Damnit Dell! If you wanna sell your stuffs, please do some QC (Quality Control) first... Nearly scared the shit out of your clients you know?

People, for your sake, please do check whether or not you're using this brand of RAM. If you are, please request for a change, immediately!

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