Monday, April 20, 2009

Playing Cards @ KLCC - PC FAIR APR 09

This is a week back. A funny day as I still recall what happened on that day. Went to PC Fair with Wai Hong and Samantha, to scout out a new laptop for Samantha (that reminds me of me getting my BabyNovo). Somehow anticipating that there might be a jam, we left early only to reach there so much earlier than expected...

People were running out of patience under
the hot blazing sun, I think..

Foolishly early, we thought we'd walked to the exhibition hall first. And we saw a bunch of people waiting outside... Staffs, employees, etc were waiting there... Blardie hot I tell you, since we can't go in just yet, I suggested we head back into KLCC where there's some decent air conditioning. *grins* On the way back there, I took some shots of KLCC and its surrounding. However only KLCC's shots were okay.. Swt!

Behold! My first shot of KLCC...
(seriously it's my first.. with my Baby Shanon)

I was wondering what the heck was below the bridge..
Only to find out it's just air conditioner =P

Back in KLCC, I decided that we should chill out at the food court (Signatures Level 2), and have a drink while waiting for the exhibition to open.. Another 1 hour of waiting, yesh 1 hour... So what did we do? Other than having early breakfast, lucky for me, I usually carry around a pack of poker cards for fun. So we played cards - Cho Tai Tee (Big 2). That was when a familiar face - my coursemate, Jian Yi aka Jamie (given by Samantha) came along.

LOL! And we were, in the middle of the foodcourt,
and everyone could see..
Surprisingly no one came to halau (kick us out) or
interrupt our game.. hehehe xD

We played so many rounds, like until it 1/2 hour pass the opening time, only to call it a stop when one of us remembered the time. Hahaha.. =P


  1. wah..u damn lucky no police passing by man!!

  2. @Panda: yeah.. no police, but even guards around there didn't do anything.. Im guessing maybe it's cause we didn't involve money in it.. just plain playing cards.. =)

  3. eh...even if no money is involved it is still considered gambling wei and the police can still "tahan" u if they want me...coz that's what me and my frens did a FC and man did i get lectured by my senior when he saw us!! swt...

  4. @Panda: @.@ *note to self, dun simply play cards, in fear of being arrested* thanks for the advise.. i shall keep that in mind.. =)

  5. hi jeff i also went to the pc on sat and sun.... i'm interested into subscribing to w1max but due to the current contract agreement with streamyx.... so perhaps later ba.

  6. @Poon: haha.. well wimax is quite good.. only thing is that it's not that reliable when the weather changes drastically.. well let your streamyx, run pass and over first.. definitely can change later.. =)