Saturday, April 11, 2009

Their 6 Months Anniversary - From LOL to Awwwwh

Was taking a break from my studies, and read up on the few blogs I usually go to... Guess what? Tonight's entertainment was one of the best. I was reading up on Boss Tim's post on his 6 months anniversary with Audrey (or known as Princess).

I went from laughing my ass off, to going awwww... Even my mum thought I went crazy for a moment.. Haha.. Can't blame her, cause when I allowed her to read it, she went the same way.. Haha! (too bad my reaction's slow, couldn't take a picture of her face)..

I'll share with you with some of the funny stuffs that were written there:
6) Tell us something funny about her?

I don't think it'll be as funny if I tell it as opposed to actually seeing/hearing it. Sometimes for the fun of it I will fart around her. Her reaction to it is always hilarious!

There's always an grace period from the moment you fart to the moment everyone around you smells it right? And you know when it's going to be a smelly fart when it's a quiet one. (Yes, the smelliest ones are the silent ones).

So during the grace period and before it hits Princess I would just take a look at her and wait for her reaction. Sometimes, she'll notice me looking at her and she'll turn around and say

Then after a few seconds her nose will pick something up and she'll have a few short "verifying sniffs". It'll take just about 2 seconds for her to verify that there was fart in the air then she would let out a very loud

Then she'll grab a pillow or anything nearby to cover her nose and scream into it


and more..

And the following, would make you all go "Awwww":
I also think that she will be an asset to the lucky man who gets to marry her. That she will be a good companion and she will eventually be the woman behind a very successful man. Whether that man is me or not.... he'll be so lucky to have her.

30) What is the coolest gift that she has ever given you?

I guess this would be.... her heart.

Then I found Princess and while there are some things that she thinks she isn't able to match up to some of my exes (she calls one of them "superwoman"), she forgets one very important thing she was able to do. That is.... she taught me how to fall in love again. She made me realize that sometimes you fall back hard from love and it hurts but the the risk is just worth taking for when you are with someone you love, your life just feels complete.

Princess... makes me feel complete....


Though it's none of my business.. but..
I'd like to wish Happy Anniversary
to Boss Tim and Audrey

May more joyous moments spark and
create precious memories between you two..