Monday, April 06, 2009

Nuffnang Music Bash by Maxis Broadband @ Maison

Last Saturday, the most fantastic event, or should i say F.A.N.T.A.B.U.L.A.S.T.I.C party was held at Maison! Alright, alright, I'd be more than glad to share the bits and pieces of the party with everyone...

Pssst! I was suppose to be myself, Jeffro..
but everyone said I was like Rain or JT..
Thankiu everyone!

As usual, I'd normally be early for anything. Yes, screw the MST! Actually I wanted to beat the jam, but turned out there wasn't any, and I was there early like WAAAY-early-I-dunno-how-early! It was raining heavily, and I was super lucky to meet YeeHou, who then gave me a ride to the Nuffnang's Head Office. LOL (does it sound wrong somewhere? *wonders*)

See what I see? A whole lot of goodie bags stuffed
into YeeHou's Own Mum's Car!

Then I went around "scooping" here and there. There was a rehearsal going on, but I didn't take any shots. Respect them la, right? Nah, I was getting ready myself actually. But I did manage to take these:

Couldn't find Mr.Reggae anywhere..
Or did I missed him?

Nuffnang crews were still busy setting up..

But I could still get these.. =D

And once everybody starts to arrive, that's where the party begins! and a whole lot of picture-snapping going on =D

Yours truly with:

Liang with Nuffies,
Adeline and SimonSeow,
Friend and Diese

Yours truly again, with:
Liang, me and myself =D

DustyHawk - You just gotta hug him!
Anne and Terri

and we did! Wootza!

See how bias Liang can be?
He's like "heaven" with the girls,
Zoe (right) and Friend (left)
but "hell" with the guys,
LOL, chill man, it's just a gimic =P

me AGAIN, with more of:
Stanley, Suresh, Zoe,

The Boss Timothy aka Boss Stewie
Somewhat I like this picture =)

Looky at all those cameras!
happening ei?
and many other photographers.. =P

On the other side, there's the front row seats stands
Friend, Friend, SueMe, Friend, Zoe, Cindy, Hitomi, Friend

And this awesome people in funky outfits formed
a band called the Hologramz:
Nigel, Kellster, Andrew, JoshuaOng, Anne,
(Both I didn't get a good shot off.. *regrets*)

a portrait of Terri

I forgotten this bro's name..
but his camera is wicked man!
He's cool.. allowed me to touch it..
Bwahaha! Sounded freagging wrong~

3 ladies!
Audrey, Jolene, FriendMay
(Found the name! Wootza~!)

portrait of KY
darn it, he moved!

RobbChew making announcements

Ooo Ooo Ooo, and there's LIVE BLOGGING YO!
How cool is that?
I'd did that if I had my cables with me that night!

During the see-who-got-3-lungs-competitiong,
Natalie and Bryan proven themselves worthy!
With an amazing 14 secs and 17 secs long each..
They can drag their breath so loooooooooooonnnngggg...

PamSong wants you to take note of the Flower..
Does she look somewhat familiar to you?
*points at the blonde girl of nuffnang's music bash picture*
Oh did I mentioned that these two elegant looking ladies,
were also one of the late comers?? i mean L.A.T.E.
Boo! for 1/2 sec. Yeah! for the next minute!
At Least you made it.. =D

Lastly, my ultimate prize for that night,
other than spending great time with Friends my friends,
is winning this Armani Exchange Belt! Wootza!
This reminds me of something I promised Diese.. *whistles*

How I won it?
Let's see the original video

Other than that, we have the Nuffnang All-stars

And also the Nuffnang Jai-ho's

Videos were posted by courtesy of
the sweet-looking May =)
Thank you May!

Also thanks to Jamie *hugs*,
thanks to Kellster *winks*,
thanks to Celine & Suresh *grins*,
thanks to everyone of my pals...
you guys were all looking great and superb that night!

And last but not least,
big and special thanks to Nuffnang and Maxis Broadband!

So that's all from Jeffro on
Nuffnang Music Bash by Maxis Broadband @ Maison

Ps: I dunno some names, so I call the "Friend" instead..
Learnt it from Andrew.. XD


  1. congrats on winning the belt again! LOL. u did a great job/dance :-p

  2. hahaha congrats again on winning the belt hahaha :D

    and glad u had fun

    u took the timeout badge! awesomeee

  3. @Cookiedonut: Thanks man! =D It was a great night with awesome fun!

    @Kellster: haha.. well thanks to you *winks* Dunno who's badge was that, but it definitely matches! =D

  4. @Bryan: Thanks wor.. You got yourself a nice pair of shades! Cool lerr.. =P

  5. Hey dude,

    Forgot to thank you again for the help you gave us that day.

    Thanks mate, appreciated.

  6. @YeeHou: Haha.. Well it's the least I can do, since you gave me an indirect tour up to the head office.. =D

  7. Congrats dude :)

    It was nice meeting you there :)

  8. jeffro~ you bugger stop hugging me all the time ok... there are some other {delete}men{/delete}, i mean women who wants to hug me

  9. @Sue: Thanks Sue! It was great meeting you too.. =)

    @Serge: Free hugs ma! And I see you quite like also.. LOL xD

  10. haha you just found out that i was may? wadya mean by that lol.

    "sweet looking may" ?! i was supposed to look like AVRIL. O.O

    alamak meaning my costume fail la. no wonder i didnt get best female. :P

    thanks for dropping by! will link you up in a while.

  11. @May: Well before that I didn't know your name.. =D

    Err.. sweet coz you smiled that way? Avril doesnt smile lidat.. so not the outfit.. just the nature.. =D

  12. ai yo... jeffro , May's shirt had the sticker stating the word -May-

    blind la u

  13. @Serge: bro, I didn't go around looking at people's shirt.. I only took a glance.. and continued partaying! =D

    btw, keep that "free hugs" of yours.. we might need it next time.. =D i might add "free kisses" too.. =P

  14. @Serge: You bugger you! Soosssh.. *touch all the wood in the house* If that happens, you're gonna get the lips.. bwahahaha!

  15. eh eh jeffro .. if your lips touches my cheeks i'll goatse you @_@

  16. @Serge: Bwahahaha! Then ya better hope I have sexay lips the next time around.. coz if not, it's the only thing goatsing you! xD

  17. OH gosh, nice belt!! Armani eXChange LOL

    I love our picture wei...damn Nice!! Yeng!!

    Hehe...sorry for forgetting your name but i recognise your face!!

  18. yo!!! all the single ladies all the single ladies! xp

  19. @hitomi: we look great ei? Rawk on!
    well no worries on that, my nick's a pretty unique one, like yours, so you won't be forgetting it anytime soon.. =D

    @Voxy: yeah.. all the single ladies.. come to me.. pls.. xD

  20. Haha jeffro it was you dancing on the stage :)
    Congratz on winning AX Belt :)

  21. @TianChad: Yeapz.. Thanks so much! =D

  22. hey JY why you impersonate Jeffro! lol

  23. @Chris: LOL! i sue him ar.. xD

  24. i just realize you titled me as "You just gotta hug him!"

    wat the hell man ..wat the hell.

    it should be " Girls...You MUST hug him!"

  25. You were the dancer? Nice moves :)

  26. ROAR, I'm Nathalie and I want that belt T_T

    Hey, where's our picture together?

    I did cheer like hell with your sexy moves XD

  27. @Serge: awwhh.. can i die decently? Fire's too overrated la.. Well that title was put there for one reason.. FOR EVERYONE to hug you.. that means GUYS of all ages too.. xD

    @Julian: yeah.. i dance for the prize.. thanks btw! =D

    @Blue: oh oh.. soo sorry... my bad.. i dun have our picture, not in my camera.. wasn't it with you instead? *blink blink* if dun have, i'll compensate the next time we meet.. WE TAKE KAU KAU! =D

    nways, thanks for the cheering.. I feel good knowing that.. =P