Monday, April 06, 2009

Nearly Got Robbed!

After a freaking long day at work today, I finally had my dinner at around 9.30pm. Then, SiewMei reminded me of the SookYee's belated birthday celebration, which I couldn't make it in time. So, I told to meet up after the celebration to have what I called an after-celebration celebration.

It was about 10.15 to 10.30pm, that I picked the girls up at from Leisure Mall, Cheras to have some tit bits at a dessert restaurant (forgot the name of the place) around the area. It was hard to find a decent parking even though it was kinda late. Got out of the car, about to cross the streets, when a bunch of rempit-retards rammed the bikes towards me. They came in a group dominating one part of the streets, and passed right in front of me. At that moment, I was quick enough to see a farking-malnutritioned-hand reaching out to me. It was definitely going after my bag that has a laptop in it. If you're asking "WHAT?!", I was at work remember? So instantly, I took a step behind, and all I felt was a hand frictioning against my sleeve.

Now am I lucky or what?

Blardie-rempit-retards... Curse you people! Luckily I kept my cool and didn't freaked out like a sissy. *phew* *chill Jeffro chill* Otherwise, it'd be lifetime embarassment for me, and a whole-life-of-cursing-your-people-like-there's-no-tomorrow.

And I thought, they'd only snatch handbags..
Fark I'm so damn wrong..

Ahh, everyone's probably worried about the girls instead. No worries people, the girls are safe. I was the was almost a victim. Apparently, girls who're celebrating a belated birthday had more charm. So yeah, they safe and sound.

Damnit! Do I look vulnerable to you??!!
Freagging rempit-retards~

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