Thursday, April 02, 2009

Earth Hour @ Sabuk Restaurant

Well, after the Blogger's Outing at Pavillion, Suresh and I rushed back cause we had volunteered ourselves to help out at Subak Restaurant for a WWF (World Wide Federation) event to help preserve the earth. We were almost late to meet up with Celine who's also a volunteer there. In fact, she helped us to be one.. Thanks Celine. It's also the first time where I actually heard of a on-coming blackout worldwide =D

At about 8.30pm, all lights were out except for the ones that were produced by candles that were lit earlier. Everyone, including us volunteers were able to enjoy the dinner, peaceful surrounding with the ambience of nature's wonderful forest sounds, and of course the chat amongst friends.

I quickly took the opportunity of snapping a shot of the candles lit
along the path way to avoid anyone from bumping into anything..
Psst, there's a pond around.. if it weren't for the candles,
I think during the blackout, some people might actually fall into the pond..

When the lights came back out, I grabbed this shot.
Try and imagine, if there's no light, how dark it would have been..

So that's all from Earth Hour..
It was really cool.. =P


  1. nice one!! definitely will have some victims drop into the water, if there is no candle..where is this sabuk restaurant anyway?

  2. @hitomi: yeah.. lucky they had plenty of candles that night.. =D

    Subak Restaurant is somewhere quite deep in damansara area (about 15 minutes away from Cineleisure).. It's quite hard to reach there, if you don't know the place.. I had a tough time accessing that area too.. O_O