Monday, April 06, 2009

Blocked and Surprised?!

As I was browsing through some pictures on Facebook, I kinda got hooked up onto a conversation that was directly-but-turned-out-indirectly related to one of Jamie's picture.

Half way there, and suddenly I couldn't access that particular picture. I was like "Ohkay, maybe loading problem" but then it went on, over and over again.

Seriously I kept getting this on all the other pictures from that album..
It was like blocking me, from accessing the current conversation..

Then, Jamie send me a message asking me to check the comments out.. and miraclely after 1/2 hour of trying, I was allowed back in... Only to see this:

awwwwh.. *shy*
Woah! big compliments weih..
and superb publicity... from Celine!
Thanks Celine! *hugs*

Despite what that was for,
Wootza! It just made my day...


  1. hahahaha..u cant sleep tonite dude XD

  2. @Jackie: Not planning too.. hehehe =D

  3. i find their comments funny... especially on the statistics part. I kinda agree with it. hehehe...

  4. Getting famous eh? Maybe u can start a show like 'the bachelor'. LOL. so, when u gonna pop that question? =P

    Hey, that pic looks nice. taken while she is drunk and gonna vomit? =D

  5. @Kellster: haha.. Celine's work.. credits mine.. xD

    @michy: yeah.. i dunno where she got that from, but yeah.. =D

    @alex: LOL! no money.. no big giant mansion.. no limo.. wait la, when i get all that, I'll drag you along.. =D the picture of her, is self taken.. i did nothing also.. =P

  6. Noooooo~ the bachelor is 1 man, many women la... Mana boleh ada 2 man=D Start something like slumdog millionnaire lo... called it "slumdog bachelor" LOL

    Doesnt look like self taken. but really do look nice. =D

  7. @Alex: lol.. then 2 bachelor men lo.. hahaha.. good one.. slumdog bachelor.. =P

  8. Wei, you forgotten to included that part where she wrote all the points. Then only I added on.

  9. hahahaha.. well your points matter most here.. =D

  10. I can be your manager. LOL~ you get the girl and money, i get only the money~ WEeee

  11. @Alex: LOL... if lidat i dun mind.. xD