Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Aunty Florence!

I just got back from dinner with Aunty Florence's family. Had dinner at Al-Rawsha Restaurant, off Jalan Ampang (behind City Plaza). We had an Arabian and Mediterranian Cuisine. Wootza! First time having such dinner... Haha... It was great by the way.

She looks great even though she's in her 50's
"Tell me your secret to youth..."

Unfortunately I wasn't able to take a picture of the food. Firstly was busy chatting (had a great chat with Mike), and everyone has begun digging into the food, the moment it touches the table. Nice environment though, except for the part where some ignorant fool keep puffing out the second-hand smokes from the Arabian-smoke-pipe-thingamagic. Like HELLLOOOW.. respect the people eating here, please! Government should really enforce the smoking rules.. Then again, it'll take years because of procedures-take-time-so-please-wait policy. Oh nevermind, back to the dinner.

From behind (left): Mum, Me, Sis
Front row (left): Aunty Florence, Grace, Wilson
Mike's not in the picture,
because he took this picture.

Here's Mike!

Splendid time spent with Aunty Florence and family. Food was great, and filling. By the time I knew it, I was already full. Those Arabian breads (roti-canai-like) sure took up lotsa space in me tummy. Haha. I think I had them with some dressing called the Hummus or something. I know, it sounds like sounds like humus and believe me it almost look like that, BUT it taste wonderful! If given the chance, I'd eat more of those. Fortunately there were others to keep me from having too much of that - the lamb pieces, and roasted chicken. Mmmm... Satisfying dinner I'd say.

Had some tit-bits before heading out for dinner..
Prepared by Aunty Florence..
Thank you~

Found this chair on the beam!
"Wtf is doing there?"
Yeah, that was I thought too..

Had some of that..
Yum yum... =D

This mini-sized cup of coffee packed a
power-brewed Turkish coffee..
Never tasted anything like it before..

This was what's at the bottom of the coffee!
"Ewwww... Disgusting!"

Last but not least, before we left,
Aunty Florence took out a homemade
birthday-carrot-cake for us to try..
Super-rich in sweetness..
OMG, tonight sure calorie-giler!

Well that's that..
And now I'd better get going with my studies..
Lotsa to catch up!
See yal later.. =P

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