Saturday, April 11, 2009

Downgrading is Expensive!

I was running through some research online, when I happen to stumble upon some news articles that wrote about Operating Systems. Here's what it is about:

Everyone's almost familiar with the term Windows Vista Operating System. Vista's the IN thing now, and XP's being almost obselete. But not so fast, I guess... According to some sources, XP Operating System will still continue on (being distributed) until next year (2010).. But it's gonna cost you to downgrade. Who'd ever thought that downgrading from Vista to XP would be even near the term expensive?

Here's something that'll show you the price
of a simple downgrade...
Feast your eyes people:

ain't it crazy??
I can buy like extra few laptops with that price!

Source: Gizmodo & Gizmodo

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