Monday, April 06, 2009

Imma Sucker! WTF

It's strange how a person like me have some absolutely innocent-like-vulnerable-can-die moments... Today I had a chat with Diese, and for no reason I was like damn naive. WTF, it's usually not like that...

A short conversation of me and Diese during a rainy afternoon.

Imma sucker for Diese! WTF~
Something's wrong with me today!
So wrong.. Just So wrong..
How could I fall for such a thing??
Must be because of the insufficient rest..
Ish ish ish..


  1. wahahahaahhahahhaha
    i shud pull off that prank whenever i meet new ppl...
    sure they gonna freak out one..

  2. @Diese: ROFL.. You should do that.. who knows there might be another sucker like me.. xD hahaha